Sneaky Greens: How to Eat More Vegetables

Sneaky Greens: How to Eat More Vegetables

Popeye the Sailor got his strength from ripping open cans of spinach and downing them. While you won’t get quite the same effects, you still stand to benefit tons from eating your veggies.

Some people love the taste of greens and don’t have a problem adding more to their diet. But for others, like you, maybe it’s a tough thing to stomach.

If you’re wondering how to eat more vegetables, then stay tuned! We’ll give you some amazing ways to get your greens in.

1. Make Smoothies

Smoothies are great for sneaking veggies into. In your blender, throw in some juice, fruits, and vegetables (like kale or spinach), add some ice, and get to blending.

The result is a tasty treat that’s not only nourishing but also very filling. These healthy smoothies are great for packing as an on-the-go breakfast in the morning.

Slice up all the ingredients in the morning and if your fridge allows for it, stick everything in the blender and refrigerate. That way, all you have to do in the morning is grab it, put some ice in, and blend.

2. Make Soups

Soups are another fantastic way of getting your greens in without having to gag every time you eat them.

Another plus about soups is they’re very versatile. From chicken soup and minestrone to butternut squash soup, there are so many things to try that you won’t ever get sick of a nice hot pot of soup.

If you get quality ingredients from brands like SunLeaf Foods, that can really kick your soups up a notch and make them simply irresistible.

3. Add Them to Desserts

No, we don’t mean you should chuck some kale leaves onto your slice of chocolate cake! Instead, you should puree some of these greens and add them to your baking mixes for that added nutrition.

For instance, you can bake avocado into muffins, or purée carrots to put in your chocolate chip cookies. You won’t even be able to taste the greens in the final product. So this means you can have your cake and eat it too!

4. Swap out Your Chips and Fries

We all know chips and fries are terrible for your health. So by subbing these, you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

There are tasty recipes out there where you can turn veggies like kale, carrots, and zucchini into chips and fries. And instead of deep-frying them, you just cover them in a little oil and then pop them in the oven. So much healthier!

Great Ways on How to Eat More Vegetables

Knowing the best ways on how to eat more vegetables can be key to you getting proper nutrition and energy to fuel your days.

No longer will you have to push around broccoli on your plate, reluctant to munch on it. By using our tips, you’ll be able to eat your veggies with no problems at all or substitute it with 5-in-1 green supplements, click to read more.

Knowing the best ways on how to eat more vegetables can be key to you getting proper nutrition and energy to fuel your days. If you are looking for vegetables substitutes, refer here for round up of greens products.

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