Let the Strongest Muscle Win: Working Out at Home vs Gym

Let the Strongest Muscle Win: Working Out at Home vs Gym

Some people feel that having a gym at home is the ultimate luxury and it could save you some money. But when considering working out at home vs gym it’s important to remember that there is no right answer and that working at home is not for everyone and working out at the gym can also have its disadvantages.

From appreciating the privacy of your own home to weighing up whether a gym membership is worth it for added extras such as a pool and a spa, there are many reasons to choose between gym membership vs home gym.

Privacy Or Friends

One of the biggest factors for deciding whether its better to workout at home or the gym is whether you want to make friends or are keen to have privacy when you workout.

Some people find that working up a sweat is quite personal and they like to work on their goals on their own whereas others enjoy going to the gym to make new friends and connections.

It’s nice to see familiar faces and if you enjoy going to the gym then it might be a place to meet new people as you will already have something in common. Other people at the gym might help you.

Going to the gym is often a good place to meet potential dates or patterns because working out at the gym releases similar hormones as to when you are aroused. The body might mistake the two and the gym can increase this excitement.

The downside is that there is very little privacy at the gym and if you have not worked out in a while or just starting it might be off-putting to see other more toned gym-goers in their prime.

Try to avoid gyms where there is an obvious competitive element if this is the case and find a gym that will support you.

No Distractions

Working out at home can also mean there are no distractions. You can sometimes have the best at home workout in your own space.  In a gym everyone is aware of what is going on around them and whilst the prospect of meeting someone new can be exciting, perhaps you prefer to focus all the time.

The gym can also present challenges in terms of getting the environment right. You might feel that the air conditioning is too strong or not powerful enough. You might not like the music or you might feel that the lighting is too powerful.

In your home gym, you can ensure that everything is just right for your workout and you are free to change the lighting, air conditioning, and music.

Bigger and Better Equipment At The Gym

A big advantage that gyms have over home gyms is the amount of equipment they have. It is often unrivaled compared to what you can get in your own home. The downside is you can buy gym membership you never use.

Some of the more expensive gyms now include sophisticated treadmills that can connect to a smartwatch such as an Apple Watch. They can record your best stats and measure your heart rate to give you incredibly accurate measurements. These can be used to tailor your workout, giving you your own personal login.

Whilst you could purchase this equipment for your own home it is likely to be very expensive and paying for a gym membership for a whole year is likely to be much cheaper than paying for just one piece of equipment.

But there is also the issue of space. If you want a lot of equipment for your home gym, to rival that of a private gym, you are going to need a dedicated space. Many people living in big cities simply don’t have this space.

Gyms Have Pools And Spas

One of the perks of many gyms is that they also include a pool and spa that you can use. Unless you are going to spend thousands of dollars building one in your own home, its very unlikely that you are going to be able to replicate this experience at home.

Furthermore, a pool requires regular maintenance and so you would have the added costs of cleaning it.

Many gyms also have a spa element to them so you can have a massage after your workout or swimming session. You often get a discount for being a member of the gym and pool.

Of course, you could just have a home gym and buy a spa membership and swimming pool membership separately. However, it often pays to have an all-inclusive membership as it is cheaper overall. It also means you are likely to build up a community by attending the same venue a few times a week.

Working Out at Home Vs Gym: Decide What Is Best For You

There are benefits of working out at home vs gym but it is important to decide which one is right for you. By working out at home you could work on your own goals in your own environment but you could be restricted by the amount of equipment you have access to.

By attending a gym you could also have access to a swimming pool and a spa that you would not have at home.

A gym also provides a sense of community and the people you meet there could help you achieve your fitness goals and offer positive reinforcement. These connections could also develop into friendships and even relationships.

If you are interested in reading more about home gyms then be sure to read more articles on our site.


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