Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Bridal Shower

As the Maid-of-Honor you may feel like there is a lot of responsibilities on your plate. This is very true, but who says you can’t have help to make your life easier? One of the first events you have to plan is the bridal shower and we are here to make it as smooth as can be. Below is our guide to planning the perfect bridal shower so you don’t have to stress.

1. Talk to the Bride

The first step to planning is to talk to the Bride. As the Maid of Honor you don’t want to throw her a party she will hate, so try to get some bridal shower ideas.

If you want the party to be a surprise, drop hints. Does she want to have a bridal shower at her favorite bar or afternoon tea?

Does the bride want just girls at the party or can all of her guy friends come? Lastly, is she planning on a theme that would make it the best party ever?

After you find the answers to these questions you should have a good idea on bridal shower planning.

2. Talk to the Bridesmaids

Yes, you’re the Maid of Honor and you should be able to have everything under control. That is until something goes wrong and you become stressed out.

The Bridesmaids are there to help you. They want their friend to have a magical time just like you and they will help with the planning. They may even have some ideas on the bridal shower themes.

We recommend having a meeting with the Bridesmaids after you have decided on what party you want to throw. Delegate tasks, figure out a budget and have them help create the guest list.

3. Set the Date

After brainstorming with the other girls, it’s time to set a date. We recommend working together to find the perfect date that’s around a month from the wedding.

If the party will be taking place somewhere that needs a reservation or a room rental, call the venue as soon as possible. If you are ordering baked goods call the bakery and place your order.

4. Invite the Guests

A month before the bridal shower invitations should be sent out. If the couple has a registry you should include it on the bridal shower invitations.

You can invite guests via text, a phone call, or using Adobe Spark’s bridal showers invitations.

If a guest has to travel, give them a personal phone call. Since this should be well in advance the guest will appreciate it.

If contacting guests seems like a lot of work, as the Bridesmaids for help!

5. Get Ready for the Party

Two weeks before you should begin buying items needed for the party. This includes:

  • Decorations
  • Food and Drinks – alcoholic drinks too
  • Party favors for the guests

If you are planning on having flowers at the event put the order in now. You can pick them up the day of the shower so they are fresh.

6. One Week Before

The week before the party you should make sure that you have the final headcount. Shower games should be planned and organized. As Maid of Honor, you should prepare a short toast too.

If anything is needed, now is the time to run to the store. It also doesn’t hurt to call the RSVPs to ensure they will be attending.

7. Day of the Shower

You and the Bridesmaids should arrive at the venue a few hours early. You can begin decorating, setting up bridal shower games, and putting out food.

If flowers or baked goods need to be picked up make sure to do so.

Prepare your toast and get ready to party!

Go and Plan the Best Bridal Shower

We have given you a detailed list on how to plan the perfect bridal shower. From selecting the date to saying your toast, you will be a planning expert.

Now it’s time for you to start asking the bride what type of party she wants so you can start planning.


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