10 Green Technologies That Are Defining the 21st Century Home

10 Green Technologies That Are Defining the 21st Century Home

Are there any green technologies in the regular human household? We are constantly being told that the earth is burning up into a big fireball, and in the next breath, we are told to ignore China’s contribution to climate change, or the fact that Vegas is lit up like a Christmas tree, and are told to fix our own homes.

Unbeknownst to most, you are already rocking some of the most innovate Eco technology–you just don’t know it. Here are ten examples of technology that will feature in your 21st century home because they are now so sophisticated that your home would be more wasteful without them.

1. LED Lights

LED lights have been around since 1962 but power companies were unwilling to sell them for use in the home. The two reasons for this is firstly because it took a few years before they figured out how to make the LED bright and white enough for consumer sale. Secondly, because they used so little energy and lasted so many years that companies thought they would lose massive amounts of money because consumers wouldn’t need to replace them for years and years.

These days, LEDs are popular to the point where it is difficult to find the more wasteful filament lights. LED lights may not seem like a big deal, but they will feature in your 21st-century eco-technology house for years to come.

2. Spin Drier

How has “Spin Driers” made it onto this list, especially since they have now taken refrigerator’s top spot for being the most energy-hungry? Spin driers are on this list because they are now so advanced that they use a fraction of the power they did just five years ago.

This is even more pronounced with the use of new condenser technology and even newer heat-pump technology. Modern devices are even able to use less material simply because they can 3D print intricate parts and slide them into the machine like a jigsaw piece.

3. Double Glazing Windows

You are used to having double glazing, but the fact is that they are a technological marvel. Somebody invented the ability to trap a vacuum between the panes of glass so that heat cannot escape through them.

They may have been invented years ago, but they will be a mainstay of modern houses all the way through the 21st century. If you are looking into renewable energy and efficiency upgrades, then double glazing should be a top priority.

4. On-Demand Water Heating System

The notion of on-demand water heating is where you turn on your hot tap, your boiler kicks on, and hot water comes out of your taps. It is a simple idea that has taken years to develop, but it is saving people a lot of money and energy. Instead of having an immersion heater and a tank that keeps it to temperature, people may enjoy hot water whenever they want without a drop of hot water ever being wasted.

5. External Solar-Powered Lights

The premise is simple: you attach the searchlight to your wall, it is charged by the sun, it stays off during the day, and it only comes on at night if somebody walks past it. There is no need to draw energy from the power grid, and the solar power is not wasted because the light only comes on when people walk past it. These types of lights are simple, effective, and very efficient.

6. Green Technologies Behind Insulation

Houses lose most heat through the walls these days because double-glazed windows are so efficient. Great strides have been made over the years to make insulation better and more efficient.

It has also become more ecologically friendly, and even more human-friendly (no more asbestos), and all modern insulators (be they wall or ceiling) are fire retardant. In fact, it is now against the law in many countries to have non-fire-retardant insulation.

7. Your Smartphone

Few people understand how Smartphones are perfect green technology examples. The strides that have been made in battery technology have been staggering, and it is all thanks to cell phones.

The race to make the smallest, lightest, most powerful phones have pushed developers to create better and better batteries. That tiny, low-weight, high powered battery in your phone is the reason why things such as drones exist. In the old days, the batteries weighed too much to enable drones to get off the ground.

8. Your Washing Machine

You may not think that your washing machine counts as new green technology, but every year they are bringing out better a more energy-efficient washing machines in a way that is making energy-wasting machines obsolete.

Even things such as finer and more precise machine tooling mean that bearings and rods can move more smoothly, last longer, and require less energy throughout their lifetime.

9. Your Microwave

Despite becoming better at holding heat, and a little more efficient, microwaves haven’t changed that much over the years, and that is partly because they are already brilliant. The time and energy it takes to do something as simple as warm soup is a fraction of the energy it takes to warm it on a hob. A microwave is quick, very efficient, and uses very little energy to achieve whatever heat level you require.

10. Power Strips/Bars to Stop Phantom Energy Loss

There are many phantom loads/ energy vampires in your home that draw energy from your house when your devices are off or are fully charged. You can buy power strips and power bars that claim to stop phantom energy loss.

What Comes Next?

If you are looking for more green technologies, then the market is going to provide. The capitalist market saved more trees with the invention of the flash drive and then email than every charity combined.

People are demanding more energy-efficient devices, batteries that last longer, items that require less power, and the market is providing. We will never go back to clunky washing machines, CFC gas fridges, and buzzing filament lights. In conclusion, keep one eye on the eCommerce websites because the next big energy saver will soon become a mainstay of your house.

If you are looking for more ways to live a better lifestyle, then check out the other articles right here on our site.


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