December Global Holidays and What Festivals to Celebrate

december global holidays

December Global Holidays are upon us, so let’s find out what you can expect in the festivities!

It is not just the ‘December global holidays’ in the Northern Hemisphere but also in the Southern Hemisphere.

Everyone looks forward to the December global holidays. People tend to work diligently all year round to spend quality time with their friends and family.

December is a month of festivities. You have the occasion when the year ends and a new year commences.

According to some calendars, the end of the year falls on different months. But regardless, December is a month of joyous occasions all over the world.

People are separated from one another due to professional opportunities. But they are connected during festivals and amidst happiness.

Throughout the world, people celebrate December global holidays. These holidays are universal.

There are different reasons why people celebrate other things this month. Now we will also get to learn about different festivals and the reasons why people celebrate them. So, you will have a lot of reasons to celebrate the December global holidays!

December Global Holidays

A bit of joy can change the whole day for someone. That is why people look forward to the December global holidays! Mostly, people are excited about Christmas.

Even though it is essentially a western holiday, primarily Christian, it has attained an international flavor. Christmas is celebrated almost all around the world.

Even though you don’t celebrate Christmas, the Christmas decorations and merriment is challenging to avoid. This is mainly due to commercialization and Hollywood.

But people love to have fun, and they search for it everywhere. But Christmas isn’t the only festival you get to celebrate in December. It is December Global Holidays for a reason.

People celebrate Hanukkah, Omisoka, Kwanza, Yule, and Boxing Day. There are more December Global Holidays.


Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. It is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ, the religious figure in Christianity. Many people celebrate this holiday ardently.

To most people, this is simply a well-known holiday. But for others, this day holds a lot of religious importance. Christmas is a famous holiday all over the world.

Even people who are not Christians follow this holiday. They get excited about the decorations, lighting, fruit cakes, and hearty meals. People love to celebrate and have fun.

Adding food and a good time is a bonus. That is why people flock toward the December global festivities. In December, you also get to give gifts to your loved ones.

Since Christmas is related to the end of the year, many people celebrate it for that reason. Most offices have holidays on Christmas.

But in some cases, they don’t get that opportunity. That is why people love December global holidays 2022.

Christmas is a part of the December international holidays since it is celebrated worldwide with equal enthusiasm!

december global holidays


Hanukkah is a part of the December global holidays 2022. It is celebrated every year in December. This year it will begin on December 18 and ends on December 26.

Hanukkah is the light festival, and it is a Jewish festival. Jews across the world celebrate Hanukkah. They look forward to this festival for the entire year.

People come together on this day to celebrate and have lots of fun. It commemorates recovering Jerusalem.

It also signifies the triumph of the Second Temple against the Seleucid empire in 2 BCE. The celebration lasts for eight days and celebrates rededication.

This is a story of Jewish triumph and endurance. This is to commemorate their struggle against the Greek-Syrian oppressors.

This festival also comes with a lot of hearty meals to enjoy. The popular Hanukkah foods are latkes and sufganiyot. Have fun with the December global festivities and cheer!

December is only a few months away. The year is halfway complete, so the wait is almost over.

You just have to wait a couple more months, and then you will have the December global holidays 2022! Take your friends and family out to have fun, or spend it at home!

december global holidays


Kwanzaa is a festival that is celebrated in the United States and elsewhere. It is an African-American festival of great importance. People celebrate this festival for a lot of reasons.

There is a long and painful history of African Americans in American history. But this festival commemorates the struggle and triumph of the black community.

It starts on December 26 and ends on January 1. This festival indeed coincides with the end and the beginning of the year. That is why this festival is auspicious to many.

The communal feast is a great attraction. Maulana Karenga, an activist, started this festival.

This festival incorporates many elements from other festivals in Southeast Africa and different regions of West Africa.

The festival was initially based on many harvest festivals and traditions. That is why the feast is the culminating point.

This festival is a nod to the diverse African-American cultures and heritage. Gift giving and receiving are poignant in this festival. This festival is newer than other festivals on this list.

But it is equally if not more important at the present moment. Festivals are a way of celebrating culture and traditions.

That is why December Global Holidays 2022 now include Kwanzaa.

december global holidays


December global festivities are almost here! You have to wait a little bit more. Then it will be December global holidays.

Excite yourself because there are so many festivals to pay respect to and celebrate. This year, Omisoka is on the 31 of December, Saturday.

People celebrate this traditional festival on the last day of every year. It is a Japanese festival and is very pretty to look at. The festival holds a lot of cultural significance.

It is one of the significant festivals in Japan. Everyone looks forward to this festival. People celebrate the festival outside of Japan too.

Omisoka is also known as otsugomori. Initially, Japanese people would celebrate the festival on the 12th lunar moon. But now it is on the last day of the previous month of the year.

Omisoka is a hopeful and harmonious festival. It essentially means the beginning of a new year. So, it brings new hopes, blessings, and happy tidings.

People all over the world look forward to this festival. It is beautiful, and many people get a holiday this month. Even if they don’t get a holiday, everyone tries to celebrate it meaningfully.


Yule starts on December 21 and ends on January 1. People are excited about Yule. It is a part of the December global festivities.

People are always happy about December global holidays. Yule is a traditional festival and quite well-known.

People around the globe celebrate this festival.

It is mainly a German festival. However, the festival also has pagan roots. This makes celebrating Yule a worldwide phenomenon.

Practitioners of paganism can celebrate this festival. You don’t have to be German or European to be pagan. It carries a lot of meaning and significance to those who practice it.

Many scholars have connected the tradition of Yule and the Wild Hunt. Afterward, Christianity would reformulate Yule. That is why it was almost subsumed within Christmas.

But people celebrate it differently than Christmas. Often you will have distinct rituals. The Yule is important to those who celebrate it. Yule is essentially celebrating the winter solstice.

It has strong traditions linked with pagan rituals and gods. Many people who are practitioners of witchcraft also pay their respect to Yule. Many spiritual beliefs are related to Yule.

Yule is also seen as Christmas, but it is not precisely that. Have fun and good tidings on Yule!

Boxing Day

Boxing Day brings out the actual December Global Holidays 2022 mood! People celebrate it on December 26. Every year, it is always celebrated after Christmas.

Previously, Boxing Day was the day when people would give to the poor. It was supposed to be a charitable day. But now people mainly go shopping.

Shops, malls, and brands everywhere run exciting and new offers. People often wait for this because they get many discounts and exciting offers. That is why boxing day offers in Australia Day is so famous all over the world.

Commercialization and capitalism have turned a charitable day into one grossly merchandised one. But some people keep up the original spirit of the festival. Giving to people who are in need and helping each other are essential.

Many people take this opportunity to return to their communities in some way. You can also take this festival for a day where you help your localities somehow.

People love giving gifts on this day and buying things. Boxing Day has nothing to do with wrestling! It simply means giving boxes or assistance to people who might need them.

Previously people would give gifts to their servants on this day. And they would give gifts to their families.

Final Thoughts

You also have Santa Lucia, Krampusnacht, Las Posadas, Sol Invictus, and many more. People across all regions and cultures have celebrations in December.

It is not just because it is the end of the year but because December stands for many things. For many cultures, the year doesn’t end in December.

So, there are those festivals that people celebrate this month. But overall, people are excited to keep the bygones in the last month and expect something good next year.

You now know much about the December Global Holidays 2022 and when to celebrate what!


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