Must Have Equipment in a Modern Kitchen


Often people confuse between the modern and contemporary kitchen, thinking both to be the same. Although the terms are used interchangeably, both modern and contemporary kitchens are different in their appearances and terminology. The contemporary kitchen means that is in the current trend and has a specific design. However, modern kitchen refers to the style that has been in prominence since the early middle 20th centuries. The modern kitchens broke the norm of traditional kitchens and came into being with the style and design of their own. Modern kitchen broke the shackles of the Industrial Revolution and came into being with their different styles such as modern kitchen hoods and sleek and simple hardware.

Modern can, however, means the opposite of a traditional kitchen differing from the current style. Thus, modern kitchen can as well be referred to like something different from the traditional style which keeps changing depending on the time. What was modern to the 19th-century women back then is no more modern to us. Hence, there is a vast difference in terms of clothes and more. This difference became prevalent with the kitchens as well.

Kitchen designs have come a long way as compared to the last era. Not only are there different sleek and simple designs, but there are also efficiently attractive and modern designs as well. While some kitchens have too much ornamentation, some simply lack them. While some kitchens have vibrant colours, some don’t. Sometimes even the implementation of natural colours can have a similar impact.

Why get a modern kitchen? 

A modern kitchen is very much different from the day to day kitchen and is equipped with all the necessary elements. It won’t be wrong to say that the modern kitchen has the characteristics of a future kitchen. Most of the houses are breaking from the shackles of the Industrial revolution and implementing modern kitchen. Some of the prominent reasons why you should get a modern kitchen include the following

In a modern kitchen, cooking is not only simple but extremely easy as well because all the equipment available is modern and up-to-date. Modern kitchens are integrated with all the essential elements thereby helping you save significant space.

Modern kitchens aren’t dull or boring; instead, they are extremely colourful. The modern kitchens follow the trend of staying updated with matching colour schemes. Ranging from walls to the appliances, all are colour coordinated. This ensures that the kitchen achieves a colourful, trendy and chic look.

Despite so much space, no amount of space ever feels enough. Modern kitchens are extremely big and spacious thereby designed to fit the requirement of people. They are so comfortable that it can equip everything such as blender, toaster and other worktop appliances.

Modern kitchens are extremely beautiful because of their aesthetic look. Moreover, the big area will ensure that you can show off your elements properly. Modern kitchens have most of the things in-built, which will eventually help you save a lot of space. The kitchen is the heart of a home and if you have decorated it properly, you can show it off to all your close ones.

What do you need in a modern kitchen? 

If you are setting up a modern kitchen, there are a set of things that are must-haves. Only a few sleek appliances can help you come up with the best modern kitchen design. Well, to set up a modern kitchen you should know that the style and details go hand in hand. Therefore, you should focus on both. A functional and stylish environment can contribute to creating the best modern kitchen. Some of the major elements of a modern kitchen include the following

  1. Retractable counter hoods

Retractable counter hoods are a major addition in every modern kitchen. The minimalistic look appeals a lot to the modern kitchen thereby maintaining the functionality of the kitchen. You can easily stow things away in a retractable counter hood when you’re not using it. You should ensure that you are careful with the cooktop ventilation. Most retractable counter hoods have great lighting. Therefore, you can always opt for it as a major addition to the kitchen.

There are other hoods as well apart from the retractable counter hoods where this option isn’t available. These are available in different designs such as stainless steel, coloured minimalist and even the wall-mounted ones.

  1. Flat-panel door style

The flat panel door style or slab-door style has a charm of its own. It has become a necessity in every modern kitchen because of its attractive style and design. Most of the modern kitchens are equipped with a shaker door style but then a flat panel door style has a charm of its own. Moreover, the shaker door styles aren’t even modern but transitional ones. Comparatively a flat panel door style is the most effective and beneficial one.

  1. Sleek and simple hardware

While modern kitchens allow you to do colourful, you can always opt for sleek and simple hardware. Most of the modern kitchen has seen the inclusion of C-channel hardware. This hardware is not only integrated into the cabinets but tubular pull and flat linear pulls as well. Cabinet hardware has an important role to play in the kitchens. Therefore, you may choose whether you want doors or drawers.

  1. Countertop sink

A smart countertop sink can be a great addition to the modern kitchen. Not only can it match all the work but also matches the available space. You can always get away with the smooth look of the kitchen countertops. It comes equipped with all the latest technology. The new technology ensures that the sink level raises from the bottom of the sink when you don’t need that anymore. Therefore you will have access to running water even when the sink is closed.

  1. Lack of ornamentation 

One of the main things that differentiate the modern kitchen from all other types of a kitchen is the lack of ornamentation. Contemporary kitchens may often contain new styles and designs of tiles but that is absent in the modern kitchen. The modern kitchen often contains glass backsplash without any pattern or vein.

Modern kitchens have come a long way and the small intricate detailing has contributed to the rising popularity. You can always get a modern kitchen and increase the value of your house.



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