4 Fun Ideas to Bling Up Your Cellphone

4 Fun Ideas to Bling Up Your Cellphone

When you look at the world today you can hardly imagine a world without cellphones. These little pocket wonders can do it all and they have replaced the need for multiple devices. Gone are the days of having a sperate GPS or a device for holding all your music, because smartphones can do all that and make phone calls too.

In a sea of smartphones, there’s a tendency for them to all look the same. Black phone in a black protective phone case. But that can be boring and a missed opportunity to show off your own personality. From custom phone cases to fancy accessories that make your phone even more all-purpose, there are many ways to have your phone stand out in a crowd.

Phone Cases

There’s really no better way to protect your phone from mishaps than to have it in a protective phone case. Made from different strengths plastic you can find cases for phones that boast about being military strength or waterproof. These features sound amazing after all you paid a lot for your phone and you don’t want it damaged with a wayward drop.

But just because a phone case is protective doesn’t mean it has to look utilitarian and boring. Move beyond the black phone case and try one of the many fun personalized options on the market! With the vast majority of Americans owning a phone, you wouldn’t want yours to be confused with your neighbor’s would you?

Do you want to showcase a favorite family photo? You can put it on your phone case and not only will you never mistake your phone for someone else’s but you also won’t ever have to search for a picture of your kids to show people.

Having your phone case feature a special picture is only one option, you can get cases with different colors, animals even jewels if that is your personal taste. There’s really no excuse for a boring phone case with so many options out there, they’ll all help keep your phone safe (which is the primary goal) so feel free to have fun and choose a phone case that is exciting to you.

There are a lot of different choices on the market and you may find it’s hard to choose just one. Don’t feel limited to only one case, buying a few different ones can be a great option so you can mix and match depending on your situation that day. Cases are easy to switch on and off, so let your personality shine!

Pop On A PopSocket

You’ve probably seen them even if you don’t have one, a PopSocket, a little knob that sticks to the back of your phone. PopSockets offer a better, more secure grip on your phone, making fateful drops less likely and taking selfies easier than ever. (No selfie stick required!)PopSockets can also serve as a kickstand to keep your phone upright when watching videos or playing games.

They come by their name honestly, when not in use they collapse and take on a slimmer appearance on your phone. But when you want to use it, it pops out, almost like magic. Plus they are repositionable and can be used over and over again.

The best feature of a PopSocket, however, is that you can get one in any number of looks. Do you want it to look like it’s made of metal? Do you want to bling your phone up with a Swarovski crystal PopSocket, because that’s an option? There are PopSockets for sports teams and just sports in general. Colleges, fandoms, and colors are all PopSocket possibilities.

A PopSocket is a practical way to give your phone more stability, mount it to your dashboard or even a wall, wrap your earbuds around to keep them safe and untangled and just make your phone easier to hold, but they are also a great way to make your phone even more representative of your tastes and interests.

If you have a small business you can even get a PopSocket personalized with your company’s logo! And whether you buy a bunch to use them as free advertising in a fun promotional giveaway or just rock one yourself, PopSockets are an awesome way to make a phone more unique and easier to hold.

Phone Wallets

If you are on the go and don’t want to dig around for your debit card or student idea then getting a cell phone wallet is an excellent idea. Since there are pockets that can stick directly to your phone or case that give you the option of carrying some of your important cards connected to your phone. These pockets are available in many different designs.

Distinguishing your phone with a pocket could seem odd, but consider how often you carry your phone in your pocket. If it’s a lot then maybe it would be easier to rid yourself of a wallet and only have one thing to keep track of, especially since you could use your phone for payment at many establishments. Plus, here again, you can buy them personalized to your taste.

If you are not a big phone-in-your-pocket person. And there are some studies that suggest that it is better for your health anyway to avoid doing so, then there are also lots of more traditional wallets that also feature pockets for your phone. These can be bulkier but are a great way to protect your phone as well as keep it out of sight, out of mind which can help you act smarter.

If you would still prefer to not carry a purse or backpack with you, there are cell phone wallets with a wrist strap to make them easier to hold and carry while you keep your phone stylish and protected. It’s okay to be the person who isn’t obviously carrying a cellphone, not everyone needs to be ready for a selfie in an instant!

Screen Protector

No matter how awesome your case is there is still potential that your screen could crack. It is a sad day when one wrong move can cause enough damage to make using your phone awkward or even painful. (Glass shards in your thumb are never a good idea.)

A popular option is to turn to screen protectors. A thin piece of strong glass or metal that attaches to your phone’s screen to serve as an additional layer. While you can apply one to a cracked screen to prolong a phone’s life it is better to put one on early in your phone’s life so that your phone is protected from day one.

Available with printed borders, you can use your screen protector to bring your personality to the front of your phone so not only is your phone less likely to break but it will become more likely to bring a smile to your face. You can also buy a phone screen protector that makes your phone unreadable to people looking over your shoulder. Protect your privacy and have it look cool!


With cellphones being ubiquitous these days it can be hard to keep your phone for being confused for someone else’s but try these awesome ideas to make your phone more uniquely suited for you. When you do, you can be certain your phone will look great, be protected and your all-in-one accessory will serve you well.



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