Flowers -For Special Occasions Or Any Occasion?

White Rose and Pink Daisy

There are many occasions in most of the world’s calendars where flowers play a massive part in proceedings. Flowers aren’t only used to adorn venues of special occasions, they are also used to win hearts, among many others. The gentle power of these fragile little things of beauty has been lauded and used since time immemorial,  especially in Calgary – Canada, so if you live there you need a quality company offering flower delivery services.

From the Hindu temples of India to the ancient rituals of the Amazonians, there is barely a country or culture on earth that doesn’t embrace the wonderful creations of nature that are flowers. There are also occasions where flowers are traditionally given as a gift, usually to ladies, and this practice has been ingrained in the psyche of millions of people across the world.Flowers are easily among the first things you can think about when it comes to gifting on special occasions and they usually accompany other gifts, engagement rings included.

Unless you live in one of the flower-growing regions of the world, you will probably buy flowers from a florist. For example, a flower shop in Bangkok such as Flowers Thailand offers a massive choice of blooms from around the world. The Thai people, through their culture and also their experience, are well-known for producing spectacular bouquets and adorning wedding venues with a sea of colour.

Occasions Where Flowers Are Almost Certainly Present

Please see below for a list of occasions where flowers are almost always present and play a significant part in the occasion.

  • Weddings– Flowers play a massive part in virtually every marriage ceremony in the world, providing they are available. The venue is usually adorned with flowers, every guest wears a flower in their buttonhole and in certain cultures both the bride and the groom also wear flowers. The flowers set the scene for the day and create a bright and vibrant atmosphere that encourages people to be happy and joyful.

Photo Of Floral Arch During Daytime
Image Source: Pexels

  • Funerals – Flowers also play a part in manyfuneral ceremonies throughout the world and specially selected flowers such as white lilies are present. They contribute towards a peaceful atmosphere at the ceremony and are also used to adorn the vessel in which the departed is to be laid to rest as well as the actual resting place itself.
  • Anniversary Parties – There are always plenty of flowers in attendance at anniversary parties. Whether this is a marriage anniversary or work anniversary, the presence of flowers will be observed by all.

Occasions Where Flowers Are Presented As A Gift

There are numerous occasions where flowers are given as a personal gift, far too numerous to mention all of them in a small article, but the main ones are, in most people’s eyes:

  • Valentine’s Day – This is the biggest day for giving and receiving flowers, with the famous Red Roses leading the way by some distance.
  • Birthdays – Flowers are popular birthday gifts especially for ladies. The advent of flower delivery has made this type of birthday gift even more popular, if that’s possible!
  • Leaving Parties – A popular leaving gift is a bouquet of flowers. Although usually presented to ladies who have served for a long time, men are also grateful 21st century recipients.
  • Anniversaries – Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day when it comes to giving and receiving flowers are anniversaries, particularly wedding anniversaries.

Person Holding Bouquet of Flower

Image Source: Pexels

To sum up, flowers are given and received across the world every single day and also used symbolically. There is no real occasion where flowers are not present. If you need flowers, your local florist is definitely the best person to see.


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