Tips on How to Keep Germs From Entering Your Home

keep germs away

Keeping your home free from germs is very important, especially if you have elderly adults or young children within your home. They are the most susceptible to catching the flu and common colds which could potentially land them in the hospital if their condition worsens. In order to protect them from harmful germs, you will need to start washing laundry on a regular basis, wiping down countertops and tables, and washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day. By keeping these small chores in mind every day, you can greatly decrease you and your family’s chances of falling ill from bacteria floating around your home.

Washing Laundry

The linens in your home should be washed multiple times a week to keep the germ levels low. Germs and bacteria can build up very quickly on your sheets and pillowcases which will attack you in your sleep when you least expect it. Towels are also critical to wash after every use as bacteria grow quicker on moist surfaces which will be transferred to your body once the towel is wrapped around you. After washing all your linens, it is also beneficial, as a safety precaution, to dry items on high if someone in your family has fallen ill. This way the high heat will kill any leftover bacteria from the wash.

Sanitizing Counters and Tables

It is very critical to you and your family’s health to sanitize your counters and tabletops in order to avoid germs that could cause you and your loved ones to get sick. When sanitizing your counters with the nano coating, you should always use antibacterial wipes so the bacteria are killed on contact. This keeps the germs from coming into contact with your food or any other items that are set down within the vicinity. For best results, be sure to wipe down these areas one to two times a day for complete germ control in your home.

Washing Your Hands

The most efficient way to keep germs out of your home and keep your family healthy is to have everyone wash their hands on a consistent basis. In order to keep the germs out of your house, you are going to want to wash your hands as soon as you return home from visiting public places and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by to use while you are out and about. By doing so, you will also keep germs out of your vehicle. These germs can travel into your home very quickly if you do not use antibacterial cleaning wipes on the interior of your vehicle.

Sanitize Your Cleaning Tools

Sanitizing and cleaning your cleaning tools is very important as bacteria and germs collect on them very quickly. The longer you leave your rags, sponges, and scrub brushes dirty, the quicker the bacteria starts to build up and spread. Also, be sure to never let your cleaning tools sit in water for a long period of time as bacteria can grow quicker in the container and in the water. A great tip for making sure your cleaning tools are free from bacterias is to place them in sanitizing solution after every use or even a bucket of water that is slightly diluted with bleach.

Keeping your home clean is a sure way to protect you and your family from falling ill due to bacteria building up within your home. In order to decrease the number of bacteria floating around, you will need to take the time every day to wash dirty laundry and linens, wipe tables and countertops down with antibacterial cleaners, and wash your hands multiple times throughout the day. For the best results and optimal protection from germs, you will need to keep this as a daily routine, especially if you have elderly adults or young children residing in your home. They are the most susceptible to flu’s and viruses, so it is important to make sure they have a clean environment to live in to avoid coming into contact with any bacteria that could potentially cause illness.


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