Totally Tubular – Popular Skylight Types for Spring/Summer

Popular Skylight Types

Skylights are great architectural tools for illuminating dark spaces, enhancing energy efficiency, and enhancing the visual space of a room. Installing skylights on your roof can help in reducing energy bills significantly among other benefits. They come in a wide range of material, sizes, and shapes. For effectiveness, skylights should be installed by reputable, certified and knowledgeable professionals like Solatube Melbourne. How they are installed as well as positioned will determine the quality of the natural illumination your home will receive and your emotional benefits.

Popular Skylight Types for Spring/Summer include:

1. Solatube Skylights

Solatube is among the most advanced skylight systems in Australia thanks to their superior innovative technology and top-quality. Installing solatube LED skylight in your home results in guaranteed high-quality illumination day and night. Using this product can also reduce your energy bill tremendously due to their improved energy efficiency. Apart from that, lighting up your space, a Solatube skylight also offers effective protection against UV radiation. Fascinatingly, the new Solatube Smart LED skylight system switches on the LED lights automatically when night falls.

2. Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are perfect for brightening lowly-lit areas that are difficult to reach such as high residential and cathedral ceilings. Installing this kind of skylight ensures you enjoy special moments watching the stars at night without having to step outside the house. It’s worth noting that fixed skylights work best when installed by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. They are relatively affordable, durable and easily available in premier online retail and hardware stores.

3. Tubular skylights

Tubular skylights are a favorite for many Melbourne homeowners due to their incredible optical techniques, ample lighting, energy efficiency, affordability, and convenience. They can be installed in any room including the living room, attic, hallways, pantries, foyers, and closets. Tubular skylights should be professionally for advanced effectiveness. Although they do not offer great romantic views like ventilated or fixed skylight systems, they are easy to install and regulate heat effectively. Tubular skylights are great for spring and summer.

4. Ventilating Skylights

Ventilating skylights are highly popular due to their efficiency and convenience. They provide an impressive amount of light. By installing this kind of skylight; you are assured of enjoying beautiful night sky viewing. They are generally perfect for washrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms among other areas. Although they take a large chunk of ceiling space, they are effective in improving your home’s curb appeal and value. Installing ventilation skylights in your home gives you increased control of your temperatures during summer and spring. They are extremely durable, versatile, affordable, eco-friendly and come in various styles.

5. Deck-Mounted Skylights

Deck-mounted skylights are stylish and modern. Unlike their curb-mounted counterparts, they come with their curb and their installation is a bit complicated. For best results, deck-mounted skylights should be installed by a professional who knows what they are doing. This project can give your home a beautiful transformation if installed properly. Additionally, this type of skylight visually appealing, and offer advanced energy efficiency. Most people install deck-mounted skylights to enjoy great night sky views as well as ample lighting during the day.


Skylights are excellent solutions for those seeking to open up their space, improve air quality, and sunlight protection. These impressive artistic elements are made with either glass or plastic materials. Installing skylights in your kitchen or bathroom gives you quality natural sunlight, makes the room more beautiful without compromising the area’s privacy. For advanced protection, railings or skylight screens can be installed over the skylights. Lastly, you should choose skylights according to your preferences, personality, location, budget, and climate.


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