Hot Water Hitches – What To Do When Your Water Runs Cold

Hot Water Hitches - What To Do When Your Water Runs Cold

Showering with cold water is not everyone’s cup of tea. For many years, your hot water system has been providing a reliable hot water service but suddenly, your water runs cold. Chances are that you’ll step out of your bathroom cursing the gods for conspiring against you. Without a doubt, hot water hitches can be inconveniencing and frustrating. Without running hot water, some people are more likely to boycott showering until the problem gets fixed. With that in mind, here’s what to do when your water runs cold:

1. Seek professional help

Water heaters are perhaps one of the most overlooked appliances in most homes and businesses. The first thing that you should be thinking of doing after your hot water starts misbehaving when you’re in the middle of showering, shaving, or cleaning, is to call the nearest professional plumber for help. Calling a pro is the right thing to do, especially if you have no plumbing experience. Luckily, finding a good hot water system expert shouldn’t be that complicated in today’s world of technology. Take advantage of the internet, or ask for referrals to find a reliable, licensed and affordable plumber to sort the hitch successfully. Working with an expert saves time and ensures your problem is solved efficiently.

2. Conduct Maintenance operations

Consider conducting maintenance tune-ups for your malfunctioning hot water system. Flush the system, or swap out anode rods to see how it responds. Water heaters should always be properly maintained for better efficiency, improved performance and enhanced energy efficiency. Proper maintenance regularly lowers the risks of your system failing unexpectedly. You’ll be surprised to discover that all your hot water system requires is minor adjustments to continue serving you efficiently.

3. Investigate or inspect

You should take your time checking whether your electricity, water, and gas supplies are in good working order or not. A disconnection can easily trigger unwanted hot water hitches. It’s common for electric or gas boilers to stop functioning properly when their supplies are disconnected due to one reason or the other. A recent power cut could have reverted your boiler to factory settings after power restoration without your knowledge making it difficult to provide hot water service. Find out whether your boiler is having diverter valve issues, ensure there are no airlocks in pipes, frozen pipes, low pressure or stuck ball valve float in your water heating system. Generally, inspecting your water heater can save you money and time.

4. Reset the boiler and timer

Contemplate resetting your boiler to resolve the problem. Start by switching it off and on again until the problem is solved. With modern boilers, you can effectively adjust the temperature in seconds. Your system could’ve been accidentally changed to cold settings. You should also ensure that your boiler’s timer is correctly set to continue enjoying hot water. An incorrectly set timer can cause your boiler to stop functioning efficiently triggering hot water hitches now and then.

5. Install a new water heating system

Have you tried everything without succeeding? Well, find a reliable and experienced hot water service professional to help with the new water heating system installation. A professional plumber will have all the right equipment or tools to deal with the complex wiring associated with the installation of a new boiler. For great maintenance and installation discounts, you should consider using one professional plumber at regular intervals. Benefits of installing new water heater include improved efficiency, space savings, improved hot water recovery rate, avert future plumbing issues, more advanced technology and better energy efficiency.


Hot water is a necessity for cooling, cooking, washing, bathing, and drinking. For convenience, contact your local hot water service plumber for help.


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