Top Venice events in 2021 you cannot miss

Top Venice events in 2021 you cannot miss

2020 and 2021 will be the best years for Venice travelers full of interesting exhibitions and events.As a matter of fact, there will be many events occurring including The FestaDella Salute and the Carnevale.It’s also a nice place to visit and have a nice timewith the art Biennale or even at the many art exhibitions in the city. Additionally, there are many activities especially those specifically targeting the locals including the Ve Nice Stuff and Art Night.

The good thing is that events in Venice are well spread across the entire year which means you can never miss somethingon your weekend out.

This brief compiles some of the best annual festivals in Venice that we expect will take place in the remaining part of 2019, next year and also in 2021. Some of these events are spaced strategically which means you can as well combine a couple of them in a single trip.

Feast of the Redeemer 2021

The feast of the Redeemer also known as the Festa Del Redontore is an event that marks the commemoration of the city’s liberation from the plaque that took place in the 16thcentury. This festival is actually held yearly during the third Sunday of July. The event is loved by the people of Venice and also attracts a lot of visitors from other parts of the country and the world at large.

There’s always ahighlight of the event that usually happens in the eve of the event. This exhibits a lot of firework displays that also attracts thousands of people from the city and other parts of the world.

When the people in Venice are celebrating this special day, they usually start the celebrations by opening the bridge that connects the Zattere to the church of the Redeemer.At the end of the event, there’s a Votile mass at the church of the redeemer.

Next year’s event will be marked and the city expects that many visitors will come. If you will be one of them, you must check on the best airport transfers to make your whole experience amazing. You can check affordable airport transfers from Venice Airport.

Carnevale di Venezia

Carnival is one of the most famous events in Venice that happens every year.This celebrationwas started in the 12thcentury and over the time, has evolved to be a combination of historical re-enactments which includes the FestaDelle Marie and several festivals including the FestaVeneziana or the Best Masked Costume competition. If you have to visit these celebrations, then you can do so as a spectator or also parade in your own consume through Venice. The event will take place next year from 16th February to March 5th.  It will also take place the same time in 2021.

Art Biennale

You still have time to visit this year’s 58th International Art Exhibition titled ‘’May you Live in Interesting times’’. This event is named after an ancient Chinese curse that referred to periods of crisis, uncertainty and chaos. Ralph Rugoff who has as well been a director of the Hayward Gallery of London since 2006 will direct the event. This year’s exhibition is not expected to have a theme per se but it has the ultimate goal of highlighting a general approach to art.

The 2021 event is also expected to take place at the same point in time. It will be between May 11th and November 24th. It is expected to open people’s eyes and show them how every day’s activities contributes to art. Thinking of visiting such an amazing event? Yes, prepare in advance and get Venice airport transfers as a way of maximizing your experiences in the city.

Venice film festival

This is the oldest film festival in the world and is also one of the biggest three film festivals alongside Berlin International film and Cannes Film Festival. In 2021, we will be celebrating the 78thVenice international film festival which means you can preplan your day and at the same time have a nice time in the this Film festival. La Biennale di Venezia organized this year’s Venice International Film Festival.It took place at the Venice Lido from August 2019 and is expected to move until September 7th.

Mare Maggio

This is the newest of all the festivals held in this city.Though, it still includes historical re-enactment and traditional related to bloating and the city’s naval growly.It is celebrated for 3 days inside the Arsenale.This offers you a better chance to see inside the City’s military zone. If you are one of those people that have enough time, then this is a nice event to participate in.


This festival is held the weekend that follows the sansafestival. This shows that it’s a nice chance for you to combine the two experiences before you leave the place. It is actually an exciting 32-km rowing race including thousands of participants. It also runs from San Marco Basin to the island of Burano.

It is actually known as the top best water festival in Venice.It also gets visitors from all parts of Italy and several other Europe countries. This doesn’t mean you should participate. It’salso very good to watch. It’s expected to take place anywhere from May to June in 2021.The dates keep on changing and you can expect that the dates can change in the course of the time.

Labor Day and the Festa Della Sparesca

Italians celebrates Primo Maggio every year which extracts people from many parts of the world. It’s actually a long weekend for the people full of several activities. People that are residing in the town will have a chance to witness the Festa Della Sparesca which is held in the Lagoon. It is actually a good chance for you if you are visiting the city around this time. You can add that to your activity list and you will have the best experiences in the city.


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