How to Prevent Lice and Head Itchiness? 5 Key Things You Must Know

scalp itching

Having lice is very common for every woman but especially for kids. If your kid is showing symptoms of lice or you have already found one in their head then prevent it fast before it spread more because lice are something that spreads very quickly and irritates your child like anything.

Make sure that it is lice

If your child is having irritation in their scalp, examine their scalp wisely. It can be dandruff or rashes too. Since every child plays a lot, their scalp sweats, and they deal with a lot of sweat and dirt that makes the scalp dirty and itchy. So every irritation on the scalp is not lice or dandruff or rash, examine correctly, and visit a doctor to know what exactly happened. You have to get rid of lice or else you have various scalp problems which might ruin your daily life.

Examine your head

If you do not know the capability of lice then read out, lice can easily fly and crawl to your head to body anywhere. So you need someone people coming close to you, lice in their head can fly from their head to your head so be careful of people, especially from those whom you know have lice already.

Do not share easily

Don’t share other people’s properties. You may like someone else’s hat or hoodie or something that looks good for a selfie or a day out, but they might have lice issue. You cannot be sure of those facts, so do not share other’s products. Do not even share comb at a friend’s house; combs have the highest risk of catching lice since it is the most used thing on the head.

Don’t make yourself comfortable everywhere

You may like a soft, comfortable pillow and bed for a quick nap at a friend’s house or gym or anywhere in public. If it is necessary or you are very sleepy then clean and check the pillow properly before putting your head upon it. Not just for a pillow, but even stuffed toys has a higher chance to catch lice. Everybody likes them, I understand, and it is hard to resist yourself from it. However, for your wellness, do not hug stuff toys at someone’s house for too long.

Keep yourself and your surroundings clean

It is obvious to be afraid of others to catch lice, but you need to keep yourself clean too for that. Cleaning yourself will help you to prevent you more than anything. Keep your clothes, especially things that you use in your head need to be clean. Things like combs, scarf, hoodie, cap, bandana, and other things you use on your head. Condition your hair and scalp regularly so that it does not catch much amount of dirt and sweat.

As we said earlier, the itchy feeling can come from many things, from dandruff, rash, or lice. Check and examine properly be it you or your children, visit a doctor for more in-depth information.



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