Five Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Figuring out what to buy your loved ones for the holiday season can be a challenge. One the one hand, you want to get them something they’ll use. On the other, you don’t want to get them something they expect or own already.

Giving thoughtful gifts doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are five thoughtful gift ideas for the holiday season.

Custom Christmas Hampers

Giving a custom gift hamper provides you with the opportunity to choose a gift that creates a balance between practicality and thoughtfulness. 

Rather than selecting a gift basket from a store, opt for something that speaks to the recipient. Your hamper could include anything from flavorful blends of coffee from around the world to preserves and cheese to get them through the holiday season. You can look for ideas and the execution steps on sites like

A Few of Their Favorite Things

If you can’t buy your loved one everything they enjoy, consider a personalized gift that celebrates a few of their favorite things. For example, a printed list of their favorite books eloquently designed and framed. Alternatively, commission an infographic that showcases minimalist style drawings of their favorite foods, places, and faces. You can also give them woven lanyards, custom silicone wristbands, enamel pins, and other accessories with designs based on their favorite works of fiction, music, or sports teams.

A bunch of personalized enamel pins are more than a gift – they’re a conversation starter, and can show the world your loved one’s unique taste. Personalized gifts are always appreciated because they show that you took the time to think about what the other person likes. If you’re stuck on what to give someone, consider a gift that celebrates their favorite things.

A collection of favorites also makes a great graduation gift from parents who have kept track of their child’s changing delights over the years, or a gift from children to parents as a memento of days gone by.

Something Green

In recent years, people have become more aware of the benefits of having indoor plants. Plant parents have become the new-age pet parent, especially among Gen Z.

Sharing your green thumb with the special people in your life is a thoughtful, unique approach to gift-giving. It’s also a versatile option; your approach could look different for everyone on your list.

Build succulent terrariums for your parents’ offices. Use food scraps to grow indoor lemon and lime trees that add a beautiful aromatic scent to the air. As indoor plants can improve air quality and last for years, this is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. For those that love planting their own gardens, buying a stylish mini greenhouse with a herb starter kit can fuel their DIY spirit. 

Handwriting Jewelry 

Handwriting jewelry becomes a beautiful heirloom gift. Write a quick, thoughtful note to your best friend and have it turned into a piece of jewelry. Collect written notes from a loved one who has passed away to create an unforgettable gift for family members who have shared the loss.

Handwriting jewelry is a great gift idea for the parent in your life. Have their child write “I love you” in their adorable handwriting and surprise mom or dad on Christmas morning. 

An alternative to the handwriting jewelry is fingerprint jewelry. This can also be a sentimental gift that works for any gift-giving holiday.

Charitable Gifts

The best gift for the person who has everything is to pay it forward in their honor. Choose a charitable organization that aligns with the recipient’s values. Donate to the charity in their name and get them a small ornament to note the occasion.

If a straight donation doesn’t fit your need to give a physical gift, look for an organization that gives the proceeds from their product to a cause. There are many businesses that offer a special product as a part of their corporate social responsibility policy. Choosing one of these gift options allows you to celebrate your friend or family member’s passions while making a difference.

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts. By choosing a gift that celebrates your personal connection with the recipient, you can’t go wrong. 


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