What You Need to Know About Strollers for Disney

What You Need to Know About Strollers for Disney


Strollers are amazing to move around with your kids without any trouble. Especially, when you are planning for a Disneyland trip with your Kid, stroller is one of the top listed must-have baby gear. But have you read the new 2019 Stroller policy? If you are taking the baby stroller in Disneyland then you must check it out without delay. The authority has added some new points and stated all the recommendations about strollers to enter Disneyland.

If you are confused about choosing the best stroller to take Disneyland with you, here are some tips for you. Check them all.

  • The Stroller Size

According to the new Disney Stroller Policy the stroller should not be wider than 31 inches and the length should be within 52 inches. So, it’s obvious that before going to Disneyland you must measure out the width and length of your stroller. You are lucky if your stroller is of this recommended size else you’ll have to go for a new one.

  • Fast Folding Strollers

Entering Disneyland what bothers the parents most is folding and unfolding the strollers. In fact, kids get furious when the stroller takes time to get folded and they have to wait for it. Except that, in many places of the park you can’t walk with the stroller because of the crowd. So, here you need a fast-folding stroller.

  • BabyQuip Stroller

While choosing a stroller make sure it isn’t made of hard plastic. Always go for the BabyQuip strollers. Because hard plastic made strollers are heavier and it looks weird after folding because of the crooked shaped.

  • Bring Your Stroller

It’s better to bring your own stroller than renting one from there. Many times after parking their rented strollers parents gets confused while finding their one as all of them look the same. Apart from that, bringing your stroller from home can be used as a mini shopping cart where you can keep your necessary belongings as well.

  • No Escalator Ride

The Disneyland stroller policy forbids parents to ride on escalators with strollers. While using the escalator with your stroller it blocks a lot of space. Also, getting the stroller out of the escalator is tough and risky as well.

  • Finding Mark

There are chances you will lose your stroller after parking. Though there are volunteers to help you out in finding your stroller but if you spent a lot of time on finding your stroller your kids won’t be able to enjoy their day. Besides, taking other’s stroller by mistake is a very common issue. So, before you park the stroller put a mark on it. For example, tie some buttons, write your kid’s name, make any colorful mark on the handle and anything that comes in your mind.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Personal Belongings

You should never leave your personal belongings unaccompanied. It’s very common to keep many personal accessories in the stroller. But you should always be very careful of forgetting them anywhere. Else, you will lose them and no one will be responsible for that.

  • Umbrella Strollers are Best Option

Before starting for the trip you may check the weather report but still, you can’t be very sure about the late afternoon rain of Disneyland. So, it’s better to have an umbrella stroller to protect your baby from that sudden splash. It helps the baby protect from sunburn as well. Besides, carry a water repellant stroller cover to save the stroller from rain.


It’s better to buy strollers from a Disney company as they can provide a perfect Disney approved stroller for your child. Having a stroller in Disney trip is absolutely a great idea as it confirms a fixed place to rest your baby and carry all his needed stuff with ease.


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