What Is Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Everybody who wants to get into the internet business has to do a lot of research and study. Since digitalization is still evolving, it doesn’t have everything covered in school or college textbooks. If you’re currently looking for inspiration on affiliate marketing, you can check out the step by step guide called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

The guide is for aspiring bloggers who want to know how to make money online and how affiliate marketing works. You get strategies to work on one by one and make this growing form of online business work for you. The course helps you understand the in and out of blogging and how it helps you earn. It tells you how you can implement affiliate marketing and grow.

Why bloggers must try affiliate marketing?

If you start a blog just because you like writing, you might continue for a while but not maintain consistency. This is because you’re being able to reach enough people and build an audience who reads what you have to share. best high pay affiliate programs

Along with the good ranking, right content strategies, you also need to think of expansion. Affiliate marketing gives you that kick and helps you reach out to more people.

As bloggers or online influencers, you can promote products to your audience and earn income while also becoming trustworthy for loyal subscribers. Once your blog starts growing, find avenues to bring in affiliate marketing to your blog.

The basic reason why you need affiliate marketing is making more money from your blog. When you incorporate this, you get much more returns compared to what site traffic gets you.

The author of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, makes anywhere from $50,000 to $1, 00,000 or more from affiliate marketing. She lists down a complete guide to help you learn and try it yourself.

What you can learn from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

The course includes six modules with more than 30 lessons, plenty of workshops and bonus guides. You can also be a part of their Facebook group and learn more. The e-book includes everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, like:

  • What is affiliate marketing and how to make it work
  • Why you need affiliate marketing to boost your business
  • How the author made more than $3 00,000 from one blog post
  • How to choose the right products you want to promote
  • Ways to increase conversion
  • Ways to build trust but not lose followers
  • Disclosures you must know about
  • The major tools for affiliate marketing
  • Strategies to promote affiliate products
  • How Pinterest can help you succeed in affiliate marketing

The cost of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is $197 but its true worth is much more. Only when you buy and implement the strategies, you will know why this is all you needed.

Benefits of purchasing Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Apart from the basic guide, there are bonuses offered to you when you avail Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. These are:

1. Access to the private Facebook group

Once you buy Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, you will be added to their Mastermind group on Facebook. This group will help you connect with more people who will have feedbacks, questions, testimonials to share. It is a community that helps each other grow in affiliate marketing.

2. Free coaching sessions

On two Saturdays of every month, there are free online coaching sessions in the Mastermind group under the student’s course. The classes are called ‘Ask Michelle Saturday’ and you can get every query resolved here. The author helps you grow your business and gives you better guidance.

3. Driving visitors with Pinterest

You get to know how to get traffic from Pinterest according to tips shared by Lauren McManus, a famous Pinterest expert from Create and Go.

4. How to get approvals on affiliate programs

Your profile can become credible enough to get affiliate programs from Freshbooks and Shopify. You will get tips on how to get approvals from such high authority websites and increase your income.

5. Things to do when you go viral

Every blogger wants to make it big, but not all know how to handle it when they grow overnight. You will get tips to manage such fame and put it to the right use. It is just a start that your blog is doing well and will get better if you maintain it.

6. How to increase page views

You don’t need millions of views to make money from blogging. But you will want to increase if you want to improve the income. You need to understand what the readers want and reach out to companies for partnership accordingly.

You need to know how to charge the right rate to make good online income irrespective of the views. Increasing the pages is necessary for blogging money, and there are ways to do that too. You get an entire PDF that explains this aspect and helps you increase page views.

7. Products and services

You will get a worksheet that will help you track all the programs you are enrolled in. You can use those references to link them to different blog posts or social media.

8. Affiliate link checklist

Use the given worksheet called ‘The Perfect Affiliate Link Checklist’ to check if your affiliate link is perfect. The perfect link will lead to high click-through-rate and conversion.

9. Using Facebook ads

You get an idea on how to improve reach and impact by Facebook ads, according to the tips given by Monica Louie. This lady has worked on over 100 Facebook ad campaigns including traffic campaigns with cost per click as little as $0.02 and conversion campaigns at $0.35.

10. How to protect your blog legally

Finally, you will also get tips and ideas given by lawyer and blogger Liz Stapleton. She has been a licensed attorney since 2012 and blogger since 2014. Liz has spoken about the significance of legally protecting a blog for business. It is one of the most common questions bloggers have and they must know this in order to safeguard all the hard work they put in.

It is time you consider what you can get out of this amazing book on affiliate marketing, and how you allow it to grow your online business.


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