The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Home Theater Projectors

The Ultimate Buyers Guide to Home Theater Projectors

Bringing the cinema to your home has revolutionized the way that people watch the latest releases of movies and series. There is nothing better than to sit back at home, with home-made popcorn, a glass of wine and a few pizzas and take in the latest movies from your couch. If you are anything like us, a night out in a cinema, sitting next to someone who is permanently on their phone, or in a movie house with crying children, sounds like a waste of a good movie.

A home theater has become the chosen option for millions of people all over the world due to its comfort and affordability. And now, with the massive explosion of options like Showmax, Netflix, and bill lentis projector under 1000. you can bring all the latest releases directly to your screen. So, what are the best options for you to do so?

We took a look at the best home theater projector options for you to choose from. If you are into your gadgets and technology, or even if you are looking to simply upgrade your viewing experience, look no further. Below, we unpack four options for you to install in your home.

I Want Cinema Like Image Quality

Let’s kick off with those tech junkies. The ones who love their gadgets and who don’t mind spending a bit of money on getting the ultimate experience out of what they are buying. The 4K viewing experience is what everyone is wanting to achieve at the moment, and with this, you certainly will experience it. If ultimate clarity and great contrast, the BenQ HT3550 should be your first option to consider. It was released at the beginning of this year and is an upgrade from its highly acclaimed predecessor. It offers a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, which is a massive jump from the previous model.

The device has support for 4K as well as HDR and allows for a screen size of up to 120 inches. It offers a brightness of 2,000 lumens and has a 3840×2160 resolution. It has two HDMI inputs and zooms up to 1.3 times. It has been rated one of the best home theater projectors of the year and will set you back around $1500.

I Want to Watch Movies Outside

In the warm summer nights, what is better than to create an outdoor theater. Whether it be a romantic evening for two or a family night picnic, an outdoor movie night is the epitome of a special night. But you will need a particular projector to achieve the ultimate experience.

We took a look at the best home theater projector for your brightness needs. So, if you want to get the entertainment started just before sunset, this is your match! The Epson Home Cinema 1440 doubles its lumen output compared to the BenQ and offers staggering 4400 lumens. This will make sure that you get perfect picture quality, even in ambient light. It supports anything from a 50 to 300-inch display and has a 16W inbuilt speaker. This is perfect for any size yard and yet will not disturb your neighbors. This handy little gadget will also set you back over $1,000 but you will be able to use it both inside and out.

I Want Portability

This little gadget is certainly something that you want to sit up for! The Anker Nebula Capsule is the latest in projector technology and has taken the tech world by storm. If portability matters to you, sit down because this little stick of dynamite is the size of a tin can! What is even better is that you can connect this to your smartphone and stream Netflix or YouTube, or even just watch your files straight from your phone.

You can naturally watch indoors or out and it has a 360-degree speaker. With the USB port, you can connect it to any device of your choice. This little pocket rocket will only set you back around $350 and is the perfect option if you want to pop something into your bag to carry around with you.

But how are the specs? Naturally, you cannot expect as high resolution as the two previous products, but for what this offers, it is similar to watching TV, just make sure that you are in a dark area! It offers a 5W speaker, 100 ANSI Lumens and a 400:1 contrast ratio with DLP image technology. We simply love this option!

I Want an Affordable, Sleek Option

Right, so you still haven’t found what you are looking for. We have either set the price tag too high or you aren’t looking for the portable techie option. So, how about something simple and sleek and in between? The most affordable basic option is the HDMI LED Home Cinema Projector. It has everything you need if you simply want to plug and play for the experience.

It naturally connects to all of your devices and has over 20,000 hours of playback. It is not as advanced as the BenQ but still offers up 1,200 lumens. It offers an image size of between 20 to 60 inches and has a manual adjustment lense. It too has a multi-function interface that offers AV, VGA, SD, USB, and HDMI. If basic is better, get yours today!

Wrapping Up

There are naturally a lot more options on the market that provide you the exact experience that you are looking for. Whether it is price, quality, portability, or functionality that you are looking for, there are hundreds of products on the market. We simply love the options that are portable as they are versatile and come with great smart features that make it easy to connect to devices and display your videos and images easily.

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