How to Plan Road Trips in EVs?


Just as the fuel cars need refueling, the EV or electric vehicles need recharging. Yet, the EVs are best for road trips and here we discuss how you must plan one. A road trip is all about enjoying nature and hitting the roads for fun an adventurous trip. Most of us love to go for a long or a weekend road trip. The most basic requirement for road trips in the car. You need a car which can fit in all the necessities of a road trip. The best part of EVs is that they are completely eco-friendly and do not emit toxic gases like fossil fuel cars.

Several countries have adopted the use of EVs over fossil fuel cars and that is a great way to contribute towards the betterment of the environment. The US is one major part working towards the goal of introducing innovative EVs which can safeguard nature. Further, countries like Germany, the UK, and some Asian countries as well have encouraged their citizens to use EVs. You will get to see EV charging stations located at various places across these countries. Currently, Tesla has turned out to be the torchbearer of EVs across the globe and they have delivered some of the most trustworthy EVs. Next, there are other EVs introduced by Volkswagen, Renault, and Hyundai.

Now that you are well versed about the cars, here’s how you should plan your road trip in an EV. Below is a list of things which you should apply before you set out for a road trip.

  1. Planning

Planning is the core of the road trip as you need to be well equipped for all the possibilities. It can be anything, like sudden weather change, car breakdown, wrong navigation, etc. You must plan the trip wisely which will end up in a great experience. Firstly, connect your smartphone to the car so that you never fall back on navigation. Secondly, pre-schedule the charging stations and intervals so that you never run out of battery during the trip. Thirdly, carry enough food for the journey as you might not get enough stops to collect food.

  1. Always consider Backups

A backup plan is the most important part of a road trip as last-minute improvisations might not be helpful enough. It is better to keep a plan B handy during an emergency. For instance, if you have planned to recharge the battery after 80 miles but the charging station is closed. What do you do now? Always keep another option available, like mark out another station at 50 or 60 miles. You never know, what interrupts the well-planned trip so be aware of every possible situation.

  1. Choose nearby Cities

Do not plan for a long road trip as your first road trip in an EV. Always choose nearby cities and progress slowly. This has a variety of benefits such as, you get to visit the nearest places first. Further, it will be easier for you to return home if any problem arises in the middle of the trip. If you are planning for a road trip in an EV for the first time then opt for a weekend trip to some nearby city or town. This will allow you to learn about the car performance and will teach you the necessary lessons for future trips. When you know all the nooks and cranny of going for a road trip in an EV, choose any destination you want and enjoy.

  1. Keep a check on the Mileage

This is a greater part of the planning and you must be aware of your range before setting out for the trip. Do not depend on your luck as it might not be favorable for you. An EV requires a certain time to charge up and you might not get a charging station when you are low on battery. The fossil fuel cars can refuel from a gas can but EVs don’t work that way. Make sure there is enough charge left until the next charging station. Also, you can charge the car when you stop for meals and recess.

  1. Enable multiple stops for Long Trips

EVs or electric vehicles work on charging and if not charged at the right time then you have to face a lot of troubles. It is completely unnecessary to select a destination where you won’t get enough charging stations. Always plan a trip where there are lots of charging stations irrespective of the distance. It can be a short trip or a long trip, but being prepared won’t harm anyone. We have all seen how frequent the gas stations are near the highways or across the cities. There are EV charging stations as well but not in the same way as the fossil fuel stations. So, it is better to choose a destination where you get enough charging stations. Moreover, if you are going for a long trip then you should mark all the charging stations at an interval of 40 to 50 miles on the map.

  1. Best Road Trips for EVs

Now after all this information, if you are thinking about where to visit and where not to, then here is the solution. Firstly, check whether you live in any of these countries, which are South Africa, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Poland, the United States, and more. These are some of the countries which are well equipped with EV charging stations everywhere. If you belong to these countries then you can visit any city for a lovely road trip. If you don’t belong to these countries then visit these countries for an adventurous road trip in an EV.

  1. The EV Statistics

If you are wondering, who leads the world in initiating EVs as a mode of transport, then the US is the leader. Statistics state that the US has the maximum EV charging stations which sum up to 29260 at 17000 plus different locations. Further, Tesla is the most preferred EV producing company in the US. When compared to other countries, Germany has 28970 charging stations at 11800 different locations. The UK stands in the third position with 10550 charging stations at 6950 locations.


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