Top Things To Consider When Designing Your Alfresco Area in Australia

Top Things To Consider When Designing Your Alfresco Area in Australia

Planning a new outdoor dining area? Lucky you!

Outdoor living and entertaining is the best part of the Australian way of life. We enjoy a warmer climate all year round, and it is a part of our culture to entertain family and friends in the great outdoors. To help you make the most of your outdoor space, we have compiled 5 things to keep in mind when designing your alfresco area.

Connecting Outdoors With The Indoors

Ideally, you will want to integrate your alfresco area with the indoor living space as much as possible. This is important because the experience of your home can be greatly improved by bringing the outdoors inside.

  • One of the best ways to do this is by installing large sliding, folding or concertina glass doors that opens up the house to the outside. This design will decrease the barriers between the space, making your home feel larger.
  • Another way to make your alfresco area feel like an extension to your internal living space is by having the same inside and outside floor heights. In addition to increasing the sense of space, you will also benefit from the beautiful views and breezes that an alfresco area brings.

The Purpose And The Size Of The Alfresco Area

When building an alfresco in Adelaide, it is important to think about how you are going to use the space. You must not act too fast with regards to the size of your area and start with the project without considering the purpose of it.

  • Do you simply intend to create a casual outdoor lounge space? If so, you might need a small area for a table and two chairs to relax in.
  • For entertaining purposes, you are going to need a bigger space. If you want to include a BBQ or an outdoor kitchen, you will need enough room between the sitting and cooking areas.

Options For Controlling The Weather

Your alfresco area should be a space you and your friends can enjoy all year round. While the warm weather in Australia is enjoyable in moderation, you must consider a shading solution for the time when the sun starts turning up the heat, and a heating solution for the winter.

  • If your alfresco area is integrated with the main house, you must consider having a plasterboard ceiling.
  • Other options include a pergola or a shading louvre system that can be opened or closed depending on the requirement.
  • For protection against rain and wind, retractable clear awnings or shutters can be a viable option.
  • During the colder months, outdoor heaters or a fireplace can do the job of keeping the chill at bay.

Decorating And Styling Your Alfresco Area

With all the decisions you make in styling and decorating your alfresco room, you would want them to be a reflection of your personality.

  • If you want the alfresco area to complement the rest of your house, you can use similar materials, colours and textures of furniture and flooring.
  • To improve the comfort of your guests and enhance the general presentation of the outdoor area, you can have stylish seating options  that can withstand the harsh weather,

Options For Lighting Up An Alfresco Area

Lighting is an important element that can really help set the tone of your outdoor space. Unlike the indoor area where you require bright task lighting, your outdoor space gives you an opportunity to be both innovative and practical in the types of lighting you choose.   

  • If you have a BBQ or outdoor kitchen, you could use dimmable LED downlights while you are preparing food.
  • For creating ambient lighting, up/down wall lights are the perfect option.
  • For bringing a positive party feel, fairy lights can be used to highlight the surrounding environment.


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