12 steps to help you get that deep carpet cleaning

How to Use Homemade Carpet Cleaner To Clean your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is not only essential for a beautiful décor style but also a spotless, hygienic home. Experts recommend that vacuuming often is a good tip, but deep cleaning is the best way to seek sparkling carpets. Carpet cleaning professionals are the right persons as they understand the material, fabrics, and fibers of the carpet and use products and equipment accordingly.

If you are on a meticulous budget, then you can even rent cleaning machines and do the clean-up on your own. Though hiring carpet cleaners in Brisbane is a better idea, you can also do it by yourself by referring to instruction manuals and other resources. So, here are the 12 essential steps to perform deep carpet cleaning.

Step 0: Preparation 

Well, this cannot be counted in the cleaning regime but is a basic tip. Always make sure that the day is sunny and dry so that the moist carpet can dry quickly after the cleaning. Also, the foot traffic following the cleaning day needs to be low or else your carpet is likely to get dirty once again. Clean the room, furniture, and fixtures correctly before the carpet cleaning routine.

Step 1: Pre-cleaning assessment 

You or the cleaning expert should assess the carpet for all kinds of stains so that a proper cleaning regime can be chalked out perfectly.

Step 2: Vacuum routine 

Dusting and blotting help but vacuuming with an excellent quality vacuum system is the best method. It helps in the removal of dry soil and dust that cannot be dusted off with a regular duster or a broom.

Step 3: Emptying the room

It is better to vacate the room by moving the sofa, chairs, coffee tables, side tables to another room. If there are fixtures, then those can be covered with disposable covers to prevent the collection of dust on the same.

Step 4: Spraying the carpet 

To break down the wet soil, a preconditioning agent is sprayed on the carpet. This step facilitates thorough cleaning as the pollutants come out of their hidden spaces and can be easily cleaned in the subsequent steps.

Step 5: Tackling the tough spots and stains 

In this step, tough stains are identified and treated with a special cleaning solution, designed for carpet cleaning. The best way to avoid such difficult stains is to clean them immediately as soon as they happen. But if those stains were ignored during the initial stage, specialized cleaning solutions can help in its removal.

Step 6: Groom the carpet 

Please do not misinterpret the carpet grooming step with a person’s grooming. In this phase, a carpet groomer is utilized to loosen the dirt and earth that is stuck deep in the carpet fibers and yarns. A groomer works in a unique fashion, and unlike a scrubber, it does not damage the texture and fabric of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have specialized carpet groomers which are soft on the carpet materials, but hard on the dry dust particles.

Step 7: The rinsing stage 

A robust extraction system is used to rinse the carpet without soaking it up too much to avoid water damage carpet. Also, care is taken that the residue of cleaning agents is not left on the carpet surface.

Step 8: The neutralization stage 

A carpet needs to be sparkling, soft, and lustrous without any sticky residue on it. A pH balanced carpet will refresh the entire living room and your mood too.

Step 9: Additional treatment for the remaining spots and stains 

If there are spots and stains still visible on the carpet, these should be treated with specialized spotting agents. A carpet protector will do a fantastic job of carpet protection and a few permanent stains.

Step 10: Another grooming step 

This second grooming routine helps the carpet dry quickly and be in a perfect position.

Step 11: Air drying the carpet 

Air movers are used for quick drying of the carpet surface and instant usage.

Step 12: Post-cleaning assessment 

You can make sure that the deep cleaning routine is thoroughly done as per expectations.

In a nutshell, this 12-step deep carpet cleaning is a fantastic way to seek a dirt-free, refreshing carpet.


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