5 Sneaky Tips on How to Save Money on Water Bill

5 Sneaky Tips on How to Save Money on Water Bill

Whether you are interested in conserving resources, or just trying to save money, cutting down your water bill is in your best interest. By saving water, you are helping the planet and also helping you keep more of your money. To learn more about how to save money on water bill, check out this simple guide!

How to Save Money on Water Bill

There are several simple and effective ways to lower your water bill. Most do not require any special knowledge or skills, just a little elbow grease and smart shopping.

Consider Modifying Your Toilet or Installing a Low-Flow Version

Toilets are handy devices, but they can also run up your water bill significantly. By simply modifying the amount of weight in the toilet tank, you can easily adjust how much water you are using per flush.

If you have more disposable income available, you could also consider having low-flow toilets installed, which can significantly reduce your water bill. It may be a bit of an investment, but it will help stop you from literally flushing money down the toilet.

Purchase More Efficient Appliances to Save Water

You may not believe it, but washing dishes in a dishwasher is more efficient than washing them by hand. However, you should also use strategies like only washing dishes once the unit is fully loaded. You should also make sure not to pre-rinse your dishes and is you do decide to wash them by hand, plug the sink or use a basin to avoid water waste.

While dishwashers, dryers and washing machines make our lives much easier, they can also raise your water bill significantly. When looking to get a replacement appliance, you should make sure that any new device has been certified by EnergyStar and WaterSense.

These labels on your appliance mean that not only does your new washer or dishwasher use much less energy, but it also uses as much as 50% less water than other devices. There are even further financial benefits, such as discounts and tax credits, to further benefit your wallet.

Pay Attention to Leaks in Faucets, Toilets, and Showers

Leaks can cause your water bill to go up a great deal over time. Running toilets could be causing your paycheck to go down the drain, as can slow leaks in your bathtub, shower or sinks.

To check if your toilet does indeed leak, try putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If you can see the food coloring in the toilet bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak that needs fixing. Make sure to take care of leaks as quickly as possible to avoid further loss of money.

Shorter Showers Can Make a Big Difference

If you can shorten your shower routine by even a minute, you will save gallons of water. One strategy is soaping up without turning the shower on and only using the water to rinse off. If you have a significant other, consider showering together to save water.

Consider buying a Rainwater Tank for your Outdoor Needs

For garden irrigation or simple lawn care, having a rainwater tank installed can make a lot of difference. Click here to learn more about purchasing the right tank to meet your needs.

Saving Water Has Never Been Easier

Once you know to save money on water bills, you can save money and feel better about your use of resources. Keep browsing our website today for more articles like this!


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