Weight Loss Through The Eyes Of A Personal Trainer

Weight Loss Through The Eyes Of A Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer of over 20 years, far and away the number one goal of most of my clients have always been losing weight. Why is it that losing weight is such an impossible goal to obtain? Is it really that difficult? And, what are ways that I have found successful in my many years of working with clients to lose weight? Let’s dive on in.

The first and most important recommendation that I always make to my clients is the importance of a blood test. A blood test is not only important for losing weight, but it is important to make sure that your body is running optimally and without any problems or concerns. I always advise clients to begin with a blood test especially regarding the thyroid. The thyroid is the hormone that regulates your metabolism. An underactive thyroid makes it virtually impossible to lose the weight that one hopes to lose.

After a blood test is performed, I then make sure that we address accountability. Accountability is probably the biggest factor in my opinion for weight loss. Whether or not an individual works with a personal trainer for accountability or utilizes social media it is very important to have a measure of accountability. Oftentimes I recommend telling your co-workers, family members, spouse, all about your goals and intentions that way you can always have a higher measure of accountability.

Documenting caloric intake and macronutrients is next on the list. Whether done through an app like MyFitnessPal or just simply listed on a sheet of paper or your phone. Documenting your total caloric intake and macronutrient intake is vital to success with weight loss. The old equation calories in versus calories out always apply. If you burn more calories than you take in more times than not, you’re going to lose weight. However, for those that don’t document, it is virtually impossible to get an idea of where you are in this equation.

Next, it is important to outline the diet and fitness plan. Diet plans need to address caloric intake for expenditure as well as carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate cycling or a low carbohydrate diet tend to be the best for weight loss. However, it is very important to outline a diet so that the individual has an idea and a structure to their nutritional regimen.

The exercise program should be outlined in addition to the diet. Resistance training in addition to cardiovascular training should always be part of a well-structured fitness plan. By increasing the overall lean musculature of the body, the individual will burn more calories at rest and increase the metabolism.

Weight loss and achieving goals is not the easiest thing, however, it does not need to be so complicated and tough as people make it out to be. By following the guidelines listed above and being consistent thereof, one will see a great difference in their physique.


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