Virginia Beach Chiropractic Adds New Massage Therapist



Gone were the days when most people shunned alternative medicine and therapies for alleviating their health issues. People have avoided it because of misconceptions. Back then, we were too loyal with conventional physicians and the widely-accepted treatments they offer. This has changed in the previous years.

Now, most of us are more open to consider alternative treatments for our physical health and well-being. That’s actually great because there have been couple of researches done about it which show that it’s effective to some degree and patients are gaining benefits from it.

An example of widely-accepted alternative medicine nowadays is chiropractic care and massage therapy. In fact, within the area itself, there are numerous Virginia Beach chiropractic care practitioners who are recognized for their services. Even recently, a new massage therapist has been added to serve the area.

Understanding Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy

Practitioners of chiropractic care are called chiropractors. Chiropractors believe the theory that by fixing the body’s musculoskeletal structure in its proper alignment, the spine in particular, will help the body to recuperate from injury without medication and surgery. This method is used to alleviate acute pain that’s caused by problems and issues in the muscle, joints, connective tissues and bones.

However, this isn’t used as the sole treatment alone. It goes hand-in-hand with your physician’s medical advice and treatment for your condition. Chiropractors may also provide and arrange for nutrition plan for the patient as well as advice on proper exercises that he can do along with the actual therapy.

They also have the responsibility to let their patients undergo thorough medical exams including x-rays to prove his real condition. The chiropractor will also talk with the patient about his other health problems and accurate medical history. Common issues that it helps resolve include fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

When chiropractors ask about current health condition and detailed medical history, patients should take it seriously and be very honest about it. Take note, this alternative aid isn’t good for everyone. For example, there have been cases in the past when a slipped disc worsened. It’s also important to ask your doctor whether your current health condition would be suitable for this. For more information, read this, too.

Meanwhile, massage therapy is defined as the manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries and promote relaxation and overall health. There are different types of massage therapy and depending on its kind, it can be administered in various places including clinics and chiropractic offices as well as resorts, hotels and spas. Therefore, chiropractic care can be a type of massage therapy that aims to help relieve acute body pains caused by certain health issues such as fibromyalgia.


What to Expect When Visiting a Chiropractic Office

When visiting a chiropractic office for the first time, you should expect that you need to fill out patient forms. You will be also interviewed regarding the symptoms and health issues you’re experiencing. You will be asked to give detailed information about your medical history. Depending on the circumstances, additional examinations such as x-rays will be required.

But as much as they need all of these pieces of information from you, you also need a couple of information from them. Do you know what’s the most important? You need to know whether they have valid licenses and permits to do this job, especially if they commit to rehabilitating injuries. That’s a tough job that only licensed, skilled and experienced professionals should do.

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Problems occur when someone who doesn’t really know the right massage points on the body tries to correct certain body pains and injuries. There is a huge risk that it could worsen the problem. Take note also that it will be better if your chiropractor or massage therapist works closely with your medical doctor.

Whether a massage therapist or chiropractor is new in the area is not an issue. As long as they have the right certifications and licenses to do this job and they can prove that they can really help their patients, then they’re worth considering. Plus points if they can work closely with your trusted physician.



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