3 Steps to Total Gut Health Restoration and Support

3 Steps to Total Gut Health Restoration and Support

A healthy gut naturally contributes to your overall well-being. Unfortunately, many people suffering from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety, obesity, constipation or nutrient deficiency hardly ever consider the root cause of their health issues is the poor state of their gut. If you feel bloated and the headaches won’t go away despite taking medication, it is time to consider the restoration of your gut’s health with megaspore.  

Invest in a probiotic with different strains

Probiotics have different strains, with most containing Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Other probiotics are soil-based organisms (SBOs). Some of the strains get to the intestines when they are intact, thereby increasing the possibility of the entire digestive tract receiving healthy bacteria that supports a healthy gut. 

Some strains barely make it through the digestive system because they have a low survivability rate. They are affected by acidity, heat, radiation, inadequate oxygen supply, light and pressure. For you to ensure that the probiotic will help restore and support a healthy gut, it is best to choose one that has various strains. 

Plant-based diet

You have probably heard hundreds of times that a high fibre diet is excellent for you. What impact does fibre have on your gut? A plant-based diet guarantees your body gets the right amount of fibre. This fibre goes through your digestive system until it gets to the colon. The bacteria in the colon then break it down to short-chain fatty acids through the process of fermentation. Butyrate is one of the fatty acids that the colon uses as a source of energy for its cells. It also helps to prevent colon cancer. 

Some plants also have prebiotics. These are indigestible fibres and are a great source of fuel for the good bacteria in your gut. Some of the foods with prebiotics include garlic, green bananas, oatmeal, onions, cooked and cooled potatoes, artichokes, and cooked and cooled rice. 

Daily intake of fermented foods

When last did you take anything fermented? Many people overlook the importance of including fermented food in their meal plans. All fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that will help fight against the harmful bacteria in your gut. 

With an insufficient supply of good bacteria, your gut will be overwhelmed with harmful bacteria which will slowly destroy it. Taking one or two servings of fermented foods daily not only restores and supports a healthy gut, but it also prevents damage to it. You do not develop a leaky gut overnight. This is a process that can even take months or years. For you to maintain a healthy gut, fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi should feature in your daily meal plans. 

A leaky gut is not just a result of a poor diet. Medications, such as antibiotics, are supposed to destroy harmful bacteria. However, good bacteria are killed during the process. Your gut needs your help for it to remain healthy. It requires a continuous supply of good bacteria and an ideal environment for the natural breakdown of food in the digestive tract.


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