How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally in a Week at Home?

how to grow hair faster naturally in a week

Do you have an event coming soon and you wished you didn’t get that last haircut? Well, you’re definitely wanting your hair to grow a little longer, but how? You can always try out hair extensions but they are expensive if you want human hair extensions. You will be surprised to know that there are some practical ways of growing your hair longer in seven days – and you don’t even need extensions for it. Just follow our guide that answers how to grow hair faster naturally in a week and work on the steps right away.

How to grow hair faster naturally in a week

From eating protein to warm oil massages, there is a lot you need to do in order to make your hair longer. Check out how to grow hair faster in a week:

1. Hair treatments

Nothing works better what a warm oil massage to nourish your scalp. Warm oil massage uses natural oils to improve scalp health and encourage growth. If you use oils like olive, coconut, argan, and jojoba, they will deeply nourish your scalp.

How to use?

  • Choose a preferred oil among olive, coconut, argan, and jojoba according to what suits your hair. Warm it till it is lukewarm and test it to make sure it isn’t scalding hot. The oil should have a comfortable temperature that doesn’t damage the scalp.
  • Use the fingertips to massage gently with warm oil and in circular motions. Ask your friend or partner to do it for you for a more relaxing experience. Massage slowly for five minutes to allow blood circulation.
  • Run the oil through your hair for at least 30 minutes before you shampoo
  • Repeat oil massage on the days you shampoo so that you don’t wash your hair more than you should

2. Try hair mask remedies

A good hair mask can perfectly answer, ‘how to grow hair faster naturally’. You need proper hair care to encourage the follicles to grow quickly and healthily. Apply a hair mask twice a week to help it grow fast. Hair masks are best when made at home, but you can also try over-the-counter products.

How to use?

  • Mix 1 cup of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon each of macadamia oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil. Apply this mask to your damp hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash off the hair with shampoo and apply conditioner.
  • Don’t over-wash your hair on days you apply the mask or let the oil soak deep in before you cleanse it out.

3.Castor oil remedy

Castor oil is a wonder product for hair growth and density. It is as good as it is for the skin that much for your hair. Castor oil keeps our hair healthy and promotes fast growth. Since it is very sticky, you will need another oil to dilute it.

How to use?

  • Mix castor oil with olive or coconut oil. Both of these oils mix well with another oil. Now massage the mix to your scalp.
  • Let the oil stay overnight. Wrap your hair with a plastic cap so that the oil stays in and doesn’t spill over your pillowcase.
  • Wash it off the next morning and condition your hair. Make sure you have removed all the oil.

4. Use apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a rinse

ACV is one of the best hair care products that take out of the dirt and oil buildup from your hair. If there is any residue from hair styling products, it cleanses out those too. Moreover, apple cider vinegar is good for dandruff removal. Many use it as an alternative to shampoo but you have to dilute it as its very strong.

How to use?

You can plan a conditioner routine with apple cider vinegar. You just need to take two tablespoons of the vinegar and add it to a bowl. Add two cups of water to it and dilute. Rinse your hair with it. Try it on alternative days or for four times through the week. Your hair might have a pungent smell but it will fade soon.

5. Hair care routine

You must shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. Cut down on the shampooing routine than usual helps the oils in your scalp to go deep in. It helps your hair repair and hydrate itself.

How to follow?

  • If you find your hair itchy or oily after shampooing 2-3 times a week, you can do it one more time in the week.
  • Make sure you rub your hair properly when shampooing. Massage the scalp and let the shampoo run down the strands of the hair as you completely wash out.
  • You must condition your hair every time you shampoo it. Conditioning helps replace proteins and lipids to the hair shaft. This makes your hair grow long and healthy.
  • You must cold rinse the hair at the end of washing. Rinse it with cool water once you’re done with the entire process. It seals your cuticles and adds durability while styling.
  • You must cold rinse when conditioning your hair. The cold water helps seal the cuticles of your hair and locks the moisture.
  • Wrapping a towel around your hair once you get out of the shower can cause breakage. Our hair is damp and fragile after a wash. Just use a clean cotton cloth to rinse off excess water and then let it dry on its own. You can also use a clean towel that you don’t use for your body.
  • If you usually wrap your hair after a wash, switch over to microfiber towels as they are thin and soft. These are gentle to your hair and dries it without breakage.

6. Brush your hair before going to bed

You should not over brush your hair because it makes out hair brittle and reduces growth. It is smart to switch over to a boar bristle brush and comb for a few times a day. It helps distribute the oil all over the scalp and keeps the hair stay moisturized naturally.

How to use?

  • Start from your scalp and brush towards the back
  • Apply even strokes and go once through each section of the hair
  • Brush the hair once a day before going to bed to enhance circulation

Brushing hair is not scientifically proven to grow hair faster, but it maintains overall hair health.

7. Don’t use heat on hair

Styling tools like curlers and straighteners damage your hair and also reduce hair growth. Keep away from products like this and naturally dry or hair instead of using a hairdryer.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to grow hair faster naturally in a week. Make sure you add the right kind of nourishment to your diet to back these remedies up a little more. There is no guarantee o how long your hair can grow, but you can at least to lengthen it by an inch.


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