7 Key Reasons Why You Should Cruise Out of Miami

Cruise Out of Miami

We’re going to Miami!

If you’re feeling a Will Smith vibe, then it’s time to take a cruise out of Miami.

We can’t think of one reason you wouldn’t want to cruise out of Miami. Unless you don’t enjoy beautiful scenery, beaches, and sunlight.

Miami is a thriving and diverse city. It is culturally rich and full of family fun activities. In Miami, you get to choose if you want to kick back, have a night out, or go on an adventure.

No matter your preferences, Miami has you covered.

Going a cruise out of Miami is just a bonus. There are many cruise lines that use Miami as a port. Miami gives all cruise lines easy access to the Caribbean where you can experience island vibes.

Read on to learn why you should always cruise out of Miami.

Cruise Out of Miami in Style

Leaving on a cruise out of Miami can provide you access to American islands, British islands, and Mexico. Many cruises will port at a variety of locations, so you won’t need to settle for one final destination.

But while you’re in Miami, take full advantage of the reasons to cruise out of Miami listed below.

1. Great for All Ages

Miami is famous for its clubbing scene. But, grabbing a drink and dancing the night away isn’t the only fun you can have in Miami.

Miami is full of activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you have young children, then visiting the zoo is a must. You’ll be able to see dolphins, sharks, and flamingos.

This will give your children memories that can last a lifetime.

Another activity to do with the whole family is an Everglade Airboat Tour. Travel a short distance to Everglades National Park to see a variety of wildlife. From alligators to manatees, an airboat tour won’t disappoint.

The Venetian Pool is also a popular destination in Miami. Built in 1923 and made from a coral rock quarry, this spring pool is great for families with children over the age of three.

2. A Vacation on Top of a Vacation

When you cruise out of Miami, your vacation will start right away. You can also opt to stay for a few extra days before or after your cruise.

Plan on going to the beach. Book a reservation at a top-notch restaurant. Or, stay in and watch TV in your luxurious hotel room.

To make things easier, you can search for “hotels near cruise port” on your phone to find the perfect Miami hotel to match your budget. Some of these hotels also provide free transportation to the cruise port. Allowing you to relax and save money on cab fare.

3. Why Hello, Beaches

Miami is famous for South Beach. South Beach has an unmistakable party atmosphere that will get you pumped to board your cruise. Its beautiful beach environment also gives you a great place to lie around and soak up the sun.

But, South Beach isn’t the only beach in Miami. Miami has several beaches all open to the public. So, if the party vibe isn’t your thing, then there are other beaches with a more relaxed environment.

Other Miami beaches to explore include South Pointe Park Pier, Lummus Park Beach, and Surfside Beach.

4. Famous Attractions

Every traveler secretly loves to shout, “I’ve been there!” Being well-traveled can also make for a great conversation at your next social gathering. And visiting famous Miami attractions is sure to give you something to talk about.

Consider visiting the Art Deco District, Little Havanna, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

5. A Top of the Line Cruise Port

Some places and ports seem to not believe in air conditioning. Some ports also don’t take pride in making their cruise passengers feel like honored guests. Port Miami isn’t one of them.

Port Miami has 8 terminals. One of these terminals was recently constructed and is stocker full of modern luxuries and amenities. There is also port personnel who will be more than happy to assist you with your luggage.

6. Easy Travel

Miami is a popular travel destination. Why? Because Miami is one of the most famous and fun-filled places Earth.

It’s also the Cruise Ship Capital of the world.

Flights go in and out of Miami at all times of the day. The airport also accommodates over 50 different airlines. Book early and you can also get a great price on your flight.

If driving is more of your thing, then getting to the Miami Port will also be a breeze. With plenty of parking and free shuttle service, you’ll be able to get to your cruise on time and without any hassle.

7. Variety of Cruises and Cruise Lines

Did you know that 23 cruise lines use the Miami Port? That’s a lot of cruises to choose from! And, together, these 23 cruises have over 55 cruise ships.

This large variety of cruise lines and cruise ships gives you choices. You can find a cruise and cruise line that meets your needs and budget.

Booking Your Cruise Out of Miami

Get your swimsuit, passport, and a ton of sunscreen! And, get ready to cruise out of Miami!

Now, it’s time to book your cruise. There are many cruise lines that leave from Miami, but you’ll need to do your research.

To start, determine which destinations you’d like to visit. Popular locations include the Bahamas, Cozumel, and Belize. Then, seek out online reviews to determine what customers had to say about their cruise experience.

Some amenities to look for in a cruise line include nightly shows, all-inclusive packages, and a pool. You should also make note of how old the cruise ship is to determine its current luxuries. Compare prices and find the best deals that meet your needs.

If you need assistance, seek out an experienced travel agent. These agents will be able to help you book your trip, transportation, and help you find the best deals.

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