Reading the Stars: Where to Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

where to travel

With so many wonderful places to explore and see, asking yourself “where should I travel” can seem like a daunting question. There seem to be just as many ways to answer it too. One fun and interesting way may be to look at your Zodiac chart for inspiration. Some travel destinations may only be reached via a private jet charter.

So, let’s take a look at how the stars can help you plan a stellar trip.

A Different Approach to Where Should I Travel:

When searching the web for astrological based travel ideas you will find tons on where to go based on your sun sign. And while that can be fun and exciting, why not shake things up a bit and answer the “where should I travel” question by using your moon sign instead?

Since the moon represents the emotional side of your astrological chart, picking where to go this way can give you a deeper emotional connection to wherever you pick. It can also lead to a place you would have never thought of visiting, creating a once in a lifetime experience.


The first sign of the astrological calendar is known for the independence and energetic enthusiasm about nearly everything. So, sitting by the pool or lounging on a beach is not going to suit this fire sign at all. Instead, why not head on an active holiday in some far-flung, exotic destination like Machu Picchu?


Stubborn and loyal are two words regularly used to describe Taurians. However, they also love the finer things in life. Spain, especially Barcelona, is the perfect choice for these earth signers. Great food, lavish art, and beautiful architecture everywhere, this rich and vibrant city tick all their indulgent boxes.


Ruled by the fun and playful planet mercury, the twins of the zodiac embrace their many sides. Always adaptable and on the go, they love to see as many different things as they can. Island hopping in Greece would perfect for them, as they could party it up on Mykonos one night and then head to Rhodes for a little historical exploration.


The emotional heart of the astrological world, the crabs are known for their love of family and friends. Think family vacations or long weekends with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Also, if you can throw in a deserted or sleepy beach town, all the better.


This fire sign’s motto seems to be “Go big or Go home”. So, this means a larger than life, over the top holiday in someplace like Las Vegas or NYC would fit them perfectly. Just make sure you keep it active with lots of shows, nights out, and fun excursions.


Analytical, intellectual, perfectionist Virgos. The second sign on this list to be ruled by Mercury, these earth signs love to research and plan holidays almost as much as they love intellectual pursuits. Places like Paris or Rome are perfect for them, as the can hit all the cultural hotspots and still seek out hidden historical gems.


It is no wonder Libras are all about balance; they are represented by the scales. However, sometimes they are so busy trying to balance everyone else, they forget about themselves. So, why not head to a quiet, relaxed little town, like Giverny France, to help them center themselves while also taking in some amazing landscapes.


Intense, passionate, and fierce are three of the best words to describe Scorpios. That’s why heading to someplace as passionate and colorful, like India, is perfect for this water sign. With its rich and varied cultures, bright colors, and beautiful landscape, this South Asian country is bound to be a hit.


The archers are probably the most naturally adventurous of the zodiac. They seem to crave far-flung destinations. Which is why an African safari or camping in a yurt in Mongolia is perfect for them.


These straightforward, hardworking people won’t settle for just any old holiday. That is why heading to someplace like Japan is perfect for them. Efficient, hardworking, yet culturally robust, Japan will satiate this earth sign’s natural curiosity about the world and how it works.


Known for their uniqueness and independence, Aquarians aren’t going to settle for a run of the mill vacation. Consider heading to Iceland to witness the Northern Lights while relaxing in a natural volcanic bath. Or maybe head to Morocco to explore the blue city.


Pisces are dreamy, otherworldly, and the final sign of the zodiac. To fully relax and recharge, they need a destination as unique and off-beat as they are. So, head to Croatia for some amazing cultural hotspots, as well as the chance to relax seaside to help these water signs feed their curious minds and get in touch with their emotions

Just a Few Suggestions:

This list is just a few suggestions when you are wondering “where should I travel” for your next holiday. There are so many wonderful and exciting destinations just waiting to be discovered.

For more travel ideas, keep browsing our blog to see what the world has in store for you to see.


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