6 Reasons Why Pearls Are a Girl’s BFF

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Amongst many precious jewelry pieces, pearls just so happened to be one of the most popular and highly valued gems ever found throughout history.

Initially worn by royalty and high-class families only, these rare pieces gained their fame because of how unique and expensive they were and the kind of people that wore them. And even though Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese entrepreneur who began making cultured pearls to make it available to almost the entire world, the high ranking status of beads has not budged from its position to this day.

For generations, women have worn pearls to flaunt off their beauty. The grace and sophistication bought about by the pearls ambiance left people in awe by merely being near its presence.

Even today, that fact has not changed. Women still wear pearls in hopes to draw out that same elegant appearance that every woman emits when wearing pearls. But that’s not the only reason why girls love wearing their pearls any chance they get.

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1. Representation of Status

As much as women would love to stock up more valuables in their pearl necklace collection, the reality isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Despite pearls being available to everyone now, they are still quite expensive because of what their appearance depicts. Since the beginning, these pearls have represented wealth and high status. The intimacy and sophistication from these small spherical masses can change the way how everyone views them.

Women wearing them to a party can imply that the women come from a high-class background and believe her to have an elegant and sophisticated persona. In another case, a woman wearing them to work can imply the women is a professional at her job. People are more likely to take them seriously as compared to the other ones wearing extravagant and fancy jewelry.

2. Traditional and Cultural Values

Ceremonies or essential events in one’s life- such as graduation, wedding, anniversaries, or any special occasion, – are made complete by offering pearls or wearing them during these times. They can also be presented as heirlooms in the form of pearl necklaces or pearl brochettes which can beinherited from one generation to another.

Without any alterations to the pearls themselves, these gems are unique in every way, which makes them the perfect choice to be worn on any auspicious occasion.

3. Symbol of Purity

In the past, when women were fighting for their voting rights, amongst the three colors they used for their protest, they used white to symbolize purity. And the many rich women among them wore jewelry, mostly including pearls, to show their sympathies.

Another reason is due to the properties of the pearls itself. Many gems and precious stones have to be cut to be attached to chains or strings to make the set complete. But these pearls are neither clipped nor altered in any way to make them appealing, which is what makes it one of the purest elements to use in the jewelry industry.

4. Timeless

Another great thing about pearls is that, the older they get, the better they become with time.

Pearls are living organism. They have an absorbent outer layer which allows external factors to influence their appearance. Meaning if they rub against the natural oils of the skin, they get better with wear and get shinier in the process.

They are also quite versatile in their qualities, meaning that they aren’t limited to a single age group. Anyone can wear them as these pearls are great for complimenting skin tones and facial structures.

5. Inspirational Metaphor

6 Reasons Why Pearls Are a Girl’s BFF

Pearls come into being when small parasites or other small particles gain entry into the shell of mollusks. To prevent the harm against the mollusk, it creates a pearl sac which secretes calcium carbonate to cover the irritant. Overtime, the layer ends up making a smooth-surfaced beautiful pearl as a result.

It inspires us to take of the example of a pearl. Make use of the irritant thing in our life to add value to our selves. And within time, we too will end up being just as valuable and beautiful as a pearl.

6. Multipurpose Aspects

Aside from the beauty and status of these spherical masses emit, you will be surprised by how great they can be for other purposes as well.

According to how Chinese herbalists have been using it for curing health issues, pearls are grounded into fine powder to turn them into medicines. This pearl powder contains calcium, amino acid, magnesium, and many trace elements that have been an effective remedy for providing nutrition supplements to women.

Use of pearl powder-based supplements has proven toprevent many medical issues such as digestion problems, skin discoloration, and osteoporosis.

Furthermore, pearls are also widely used by the cosmetic industry as well. They have also been an integral part in products such as eye shadow, shimmering highlighters, and exfoliating masks.


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