3 Standout design ideas that will boost your property’s value

property’s value

If you’re planning to sell or rent out your property, you need to make necessary updates to ensure that your property receives a significant amount of tenant interest. Even if your property is a new build, you could consider adding something unique, as many modern properties tend to look the same nowadays and in such a competitive market you need to ensure your property stands out.

Take a look at these unique design tips which will help you increase your property’s value and demand.


One of the attributes that many people look out for when searching for somewhere to live is the amount of space available. This may put you at a disadvantage if your property is small. Not to worry though, as you can easily add on an extension to add an extra room or more in your home. While some extensions will be classed as permitted development, others may require planning permission before you go ahead.

Many people tend to add a conservatory onto their house, which acts as another sitting area and is also a great place to relax. You could also consider a loft conversion and turn the unused space into a games room, office or spare bedroom. Whatever you decide to turn it into, you should make sure that it meets all the specifications in terms of height, as you don’t want to be hitting your head every five minutes while playing a game of pool. By extending your home, you can expect to increase your asking price significantly, which will help you make the most of your investment.


Many people see their house as a sanctuary – a place to escape and relax. The problem with this is that many rooms are seen as open spaces such as the living room and kitchen where the whole family comes together. If your potential buyers have children, they will most likely require a room in the house where they can escape (other than their bedroom). To cater to their needs, you could consider creating a hideaway spot in your property. This could be anything as simple as a locked room or as lavish as a rooftop garden.


Rooftop gardens are becoming popular in modern properties, such as city-centre apartments available at RW Invest. This unique feature offers tenants a place to do what they wish – whether that involves relaxing, doing some yoga, or just simply admiring the view. By adding a rooftop feature in your property you could massively boost your prices, while also providing tenants with a place of solace which would definitely make the property more attractive.


While the thought of storage may not be the most exciting addition to your property, there are actually many inventive ways in which you can enhance your home with storage facilities. Instead of installing boring old cupboards or shelves, you could add creative flair with features like a book storage staircase for all the novel lovers out there. This not only provides space for your books but will also add character to the home, which would definitely be a talking point.

Another great example would be an underground storage space, which could be used to keep everything from wine and food to paperwork and more. You could decide whether you want this area visible by including a transparent window in the floor, which will transform your property into a contemporary living space. If you’re looking to create a more minimalist feel, you can keep the storage space out of sight, but make sure you showcase it on the walking tour.


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