4 Scrollwork Projects to Add Style To Your Home


Scrollwork has the one-two punch of looking incredibly sophisticated and ornate, while also not being that difficult to make on your own. With nothing more than a scroll saw and the right kind of wood, you can start practicing. Here are four different scroll projects that add immediate style to your home.

Scripted Sign Above Your Mantle

Scripted signs are trendy and popular right now, so why not take advantage of the trends and make one to put on your fireplace mantle.

One common theme to follow is to carve your last name from wood and use this to hang above the mantle, or set on the mantle itself. This can pose challenges if you have a really long last name, or if your name involves complicated lettering.

Another direction to go is to carve out a sign with a thematic word or welcome message. A simple “Welcome” is a great (and relatively easy) set of letters to carve.

Opt for a more cursive and curvy focused font when you are selecting for your sign. The curves allow you to connect every letter together, allowing for your sign to be one continuous piece of wood. A scroll saw with good reviews should adequately be able to handle these cuts with ease.

If you can’t keep the letters connected for some reason, you can always glue them to a solid piece of wood. Paint the letters to make them stand out from the wood backing.

DIY Coasters for Your Living Room

Flex your inner DIY muscles and try your hand at scrolling some wooden coasters for use in your living or dining room.

Coasters are the perfect scroll work project to start with, for several reasons. For starters, you can pick a relatively inexpensive and thin wood to use, as it isn’t holding any weight.

In addition, you can pick a scroll saw pattern to suit your experience level. Even a simple design will look great, but you can create some really intricate woodworking pieces if you’re up for the challenge.

Make sure to finish the coasters with paint or a sealer, since they’ll have moisture on them a lot (that’s their purpose, right?).

Designed Wall Art for Your Bedroom

Often the best place to start is in a kids bedroom, but you can create wall art for any room of the house with your scroll saw.

Common designs include a map of the United States or a favorite country, or you could opt for a more symbolic design specific to the kid that the room features.

Wall art gives you the added flexibility of incorporating more than just wood into the project. Painting your wood is really easy but can add a lot of uniqueness. You can also add metal or even yarn – there are a lot of ways you can spice up an otherwise plain piece of wood.

Here are a few great ideas for wall art:

  • Mirror
  • Map
  • Flag
  • Clock
  • Sports Team Logo
  • Cross

Holiday Decorations for Every Season

For many reasons, scrollwork is even more prominent during the holidays. Whether a paneled American Flag for 4th of July, or an ornate Nativity scene for Christmas, scrolling is perfect for the holidays.

A great place to start is by crafting your own Christmas tree ornaments. Just like with the coasters, you can make ornaments as simple or ornate as your skill level allows. And, you can make enough to give away as gifts that people will really treasure.

Scripted signs and holiday decorations are also great additions. Be careful with the more ornate designs, as they will often require storage for most of the year, and these fragile pieces can break over time.


A scroll saw provides a fantastic window into the world of scrollwork and custom woodworking. However, don’t be overwhelmed at getting starting – using your scroll saw is surprisingly easy and you’ll be amazed at what you can create.


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