9 Surprising DIY Arrangement For Flowers

9 Surprising DIY Arrangement For Flowers


There’s no better way to make someone feel special than to send flowers. With the right arrangement, you can give a dazzling gift in honour of a birthday, an anniversary, or just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

1) Think Tall

There are several new vase designs that call for only one flower with a very long stem. Other options include splitting out 7 or 8 roses from a single bouquet into several single flowers.

2) Get Portable

Tall is interesting but it doesn’t really travel well. How about a petite bucket from Brisbane Flower Shop By Jane? This adorable little container would make transporting this arrangement extremely simple and could be used for years to come.

3) Baskets Let Flowers Shine

The beautiful peonies in this basket don’t need one more drop of pink. The simple, single color rope basket provides a great backdrop for that fair blush. Some baskets can get a little tipsy, so add a heavy bottomed glass or ceramic dish to hold the water for your beautiful flowers.

4) Think Rustic and Wild

A simple galvanized bucket can serve as a vase to hold a wide variety of plants of almost any size. Wildflowers as well as luscious lilies would shine in this charming old bucket. Also consider adding a piece of twine, rope or fabric to your bucket to boost the color of this unique piece.

5) More Than Just Flowers

There are many plants that don’t necessarily qualify as decorative that can look great as a table decoration. For example, the simple tufts of cotton on this table topper remind us that beauty can come from the simplest moments. Everything from wheat stalks to the fuzzy greenery on lamb’s ear can add texture and a unique feature to your flower arrangements.

6) Tall With A Twist!

If you want beautiful blossoms but don’t have long stems, consider filling a clear glass vase with something simple such as a piece of seasonal fruit to provide visual interest, draw the eye up and make the blossoms the star of a very unique show! This would also work with pine cones, nuts or another fruit. Finally consider setting a small dish loaded with wet floral foam at the top so you don’t need to fill the whole vase with water.

7) Repurpose a Beloved Object

Think small with a tiny pink bouquet nestled safely in a teacup. No matter how small the flowers in your garden or along your walking path, you can find something petite and pretty to use in this clever DIY vase. This could be a great centerpiece for a special lunch or coffee with girlfriends.

8) Go All Natural

Gourds and squashes are beautiful on their own, so why not turn them into adorable autumn bouquets? This unique treatment provides you with a great chance to branch out as well. For example, empty out gourds to use as vases and hollow out a pumpkin to serve as a soup tureen. Sprinkle silk leaves across the table and stretch the season with a few pine cones. Your autumnal dinner party is ready to go!

9) Build Your Own

The art of making your own paper flowers means that you can create flower arrangements of almost any color and in any size that appeals. Additionally, you can recycle paper into flowers from almost any corner of your home. Check out the wide variety of handmade paper flowers you can create with just a bit of cutting and folding. Crepe paper makes the texture on the flowers truly remarkable. Next, add a bit of glue on the paper edges and toss some glitter around!

Final Thoughts

A lovely home should include touches of your creativity. If you worry that your flowers might not look very tailored, celebrate their wildness by standing them up in a casual container like a paint can, tin bucket or plain basket. If your container is wobbly, add a heavy bottomed cup or class inside the bucket or basket. Finally, remember that native wildflowers seldom grow in square blocks or carefully manicured rows. You are just taking advice from nature with your free-wheeling flowers.


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