4 Utterly Gorgeous Engagement Ring Ideas

4 Utterly Gorgeous Engagement Ring Ideas

Everyone goes a little crazy when it comes time to pick out a ring, but most people eventually end up playing it safe and getting something nice. But if you know that the special person you will bond your life with deserves a special ring, then it might be worth looking at these ideas.

Giving your future spouse a great ring will only strengthen the bond between you, and will make their ring finger stand out alongside everyone else’s.

Add a Splash of Color

Most people think of diamonds as white or clear, certainly not yellow! But yellow diamond rings are out there. Colored diamonds are rare and come in a wide variety of colors and hues, but they will be nice and shiny. Plus, they can be set against a wide variety of metals and settings, so everything about the ring will pop.

You can go big, small, light, dark, or any combination you wish to make sure the ring is perfect for the finger it will sit on.

Going to the Past

With so many options and different styles, gemstones, and other things to consider when it comes to picking out rings, it can be hard to choose. So why not look for vintage wedding rings? They appeal to the new sustainable sensibility and are often cheaper than getting a new ring made. You can target a particular era or search for famous brands and maybe find a vintage Tiffany setting engagement ring.

All of the rings and styles will have plenty of character, and you should be able to find a great style that suits you.

Go a Bit Smaller

Sometimes you don’t want a ring that just pops out to the world, and instead, you just want a small ring that will hold big significance. Minimalist engagement rings are becoming more and more popular, and big memories will certainly come in that small package.

They can come in various shapes and styles to suit your own personal needs, and you get a wide variety of customization with the smaller jewels. That ensures they will still pop, in their own small way.

Diamonds Aren’t for Everyone

If you aren’t in the market for a diamond ring, then there are plenty of other stones with just as much pop and sparkle for brides to be. Sapphire gemstones or emeralds can bring out the color of the bride’s eyes while getting a gemstone that corresponds with a birthstone can also be an alternative.

Just make sure you do your research on the gems beforehand, and be sure they will be able to stand the test of time.

Make Sure it is Loved

No matter the trend or gemstone, make sure you really love it before making a purchase. Just getting an engagement ring you don’t enjoy isn’t a good idea. You should love it as much as you love the person putting the ring on your finger. So make sure that the ring speaks to your heart, and is a real treasure.


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