7 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

7 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

Getting engaged is a big deal and there are a lot of beautiful and exciting things that come with it. Finding that perfect ring is a big deal for many people, and it takes time and effort to really sort out what that looks like.

As you explore Cartier engagement rings and other more traditional options, you may also be inspired to go a little off of the beaten path. Here are 7 different ideas that you can consider for stones, settings, and precious metals when you’re looking for unique engagement rings.

  1. Antique-Style Rings. If you like old-school styles, an antique-style ring (usually with a large stone in the middle and smaller stones on the side) is a great statement piece that will catch everyone’s eye.
  2. You Don’t Need a Diamond. If you’re not into diamonds, you can always use birthstones, stones that have specific meanings or are particularly rare, or just your favorite stone. It’ll get people asking questions, it’ll match your style a lot better, and you’ll enjoy wearing it a lot more, too.
  3. Bezel Settings. Instead of the traditional prong, channel, and halo settings; consider a bezel style setting. This setting sets the diamond back a little bit, giving it a unique look that everyone is going to notice and appreciate.
  4. Different Colored Diamonds. If you like diamonds, but you’re tired of the same old, same old in terms of color, you’ll be glad to learn that they come in pretty much any color you can think of. Blue, amber, green, and more – just talk to your jeweler and they can give you suggestions.
  5. Rose Gold Bands. While it’s definitely becoming more popular, rose gold is still a pretty amazing looking option to consider. It’s different enough that, when put with the right setting and stones, it can stand out! There are multiple shades of rose gold, as well, so find the one you like the best.
  6. Claddagh Rings. Traditionally a Celtic style of ring, more people have started to use the Claddagh ring as their engagement ring. Each part of the design stands for something – the hands that embrace the stone are for friendship, loyalty is represented by the crown, and love is symbolized by the heart (the setting of the main stone).
  7. Stack Rings. These are getting much more popular nowadays, but in short, you are buying an engagement ring/wedding band set that stacks on each other. Then, after your wedding, you can wear both rings without feeling like your finger has way too much bling on it. Look for a set that reflects you and how you’d like things to look.

Look at what is available out there and see what is going to reflect you as a couple. A great looking engagement ring is well worth the investment because you only get to experience this once, and you want to make it special. See what’s out there and find options that work for your needs and budget.


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