Why Spending Time In Nature Is Good For Your Health?


A lot has changed in the world of personal health in the last thirty years. Lifespans and the ability to battle diseases has increased significantly. Much of the changes have occurred because of advancements in medical science research and more extensive public information on improving personal health through lifestyle changes. 


Whilst diet changes are a significant factor in helping people increase their healthy lifestyles, one area that is often underrated is the importance of spending time outdoors. Increasingly, more people than ever before are spending less time outdoors. 


In the increased era of technology, more people are involved in indoor activities than spending time outdoors. This can have a negative impact on personal health and can create a more sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to a host of health problems. The good news is, changing this unfortunate habit is quite easy with several fundamental changes to weekly routines.


Almost all medical studies show that a more active lifestyle can increase your health and while some people gravitate towards the gym to get exercise there are a wide variety of outside exercises that would serve your overall health better. Just taking a walk outdoors can offer you so much improvement to your lifestyle, your happiness, and your physical health. However, consider as an example that you reside in Australia, it is wise to opt for private health insurance in Australia, to prepare well in advance for any casualties.


Research has shown, sedentary lifestyles increase weight and depression. In fact, almost every major disease and health problem is linked to lack of exercise. One of the best ways to change away from a sedentary indoor lifestyle is by spending time in nature. There are a wide variety of benefits this can have on your life, and each one is important. 


The Top Six Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors Includes:


Less Risk of Depression- Studies have shown that people who spend more time outdoors are at a reduced risk for depression. Much of this is because nature invigorates the body and stimulates the mind. With the enjoyment of the outdoors and natural environments, most people will discover a significantly increased sense of hope and peace. 


Fresh Outside Air is Healthier Air- Inside air can be significantly less healthy than the air in the countryside because air can get trapped in a home. Whilst cities traditionally have poor air quality, being in nature and near the water usually provides the heart and lungs with an ample supply of the best air quality you can find. During high pollen times, it might be a bit tough to be out an about, but allergy medicines can usually fix that in a jiffy.


Natural Sunlight Increases Health- Much has been said over the years about how the sunlight can harm you and increase your risk for skin cancer. Whilst this is true for people who go outside unprotected from the harmful UV rays during the summer months, healthy amounts of protected exposure to the sun is an essential health modifier. In a significant amount of medical research studies, the sun is proven to boosts people’s moods by increasing serotonin and Vitamin D naturally. Serotonin is known as the “Happiness Hormone”.


Significant Increase in Love and Respect for Nature- The more time people spend outdoors, the more they often increase their knowledge and love for the earth and the magnificent animals of the planet. This can be especially important for families with children, the elderly, and for people who hunger to explore. The world has so many breathtaking places to visit. Spending too much time indoors can be a waste of precious moments that could be better spent exploring the world.


Increase Your Ability for Building Great Memories- Whilst some people can build wonderful memories indoors, some of life’s greatest moments of joy can be found experiencing the majesty and beauty of the earth with loved ones. 


Natural Exercise Environments are Best- Some people like walking on treadmills because of the consistency of the exercise machines. However, taking a walk in the sunshine and feeling invigorated through a variety of landscapes offers a much better diversity for the body and the mind.



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