Children and Older Dogs – How to Teach Them to Be Mindful of Your Senior Dog’s Needs

Children and Older Dogs

Most people would agree that there is a very special bond between kids and their pet dog. When both are young, they share that same level of excitement, curiosity, and playfulness. Unfortunately, our furry family members age faster than us humans do, and by the time a dog has reached either eight or nine years of age – they are considered seniors. At this point, it is quite normal for them to slow down, start to feel a bit of discomfort when it comes to mobility, and they tend to spend more time sleeping than playing.

If you have a household with a senior dog and kids, it can be hard for kids to understand and be mindful of their dog’s needs. Here are some tips and ways you can treat them about what the dog needs from everyone as he/she ages.

They Can’t Get Around as Well

One of the first signs of age in a dog is that they just can’t necessarily get around as well. It may be all day long, or just in the evenings after a long and busy day. Regardless, it’s important for kids to understand they shouldn’t push the dog, and they need to allow the dog to dictate how active they are.

Of course, you can also help your dog with mobility issues by making sure they maintain a healthy body weight, visit the vet on a regular basis, and provide them with a diet that meets all their nutritional needs. Another step can be looking into natural dog supplements such as the Senior Mobility Formula from Wapiti Labs. This particular formula is meant for dogs in their second stage of life who are in need of more energy and better mobility. It also supports their immune system, kidneys, and liver.

Give Them Space

Space is another thing kids will need to be mindful of. While there’s nothing wrong with giving the dog attention, cuddles, and kisses, there will be times where the dog just wants their own quiet time and space. They may have a dog bed or even a crate they like to retreat to, and when they are there, kids need to know they should be left alone.

No Scraps from the Table

Scraps from the table are never a good idea for a dog of any age, but as they get older, you need to be especially careful at maintaining a healthy body weight. An overweight dog is much more likely to suffer from joint and muscle pain, it puts extra stress on their organs, and can just cause all kinds of issues. Then there is the fact that human food isn’t necessarily healthy for your dog to eat, and could actually be dangerous to them.

The Perfect Senior Dog and Child Relationship

When it comes to the relationship between your children and a senior dog, it’s really about space, respect, and being mindful of the dog’s physical needs.


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