5 important factors to consider when choosing a water filtration system

5 important factors to consider when choosing a water filtration system

It is a good thing when you are concerned about the water you drink, which is why water filters such as Woder exist. The choice becomes even more important when you realize you cannot rely on the current water supply that you have due to various reasons, considering that many municipal water sources today have very high levels of pollutants and other chemicals.

However, the market for water filters is very confusing, because there are so many varieties. Not everything will solve your needs, depending on factors like your household water usage. That makes it important to know what exactly you should consider so that you do not feel lost the next time you go shopping for a filter. Here are some of them.

What is its capacity?

Water purification systems can come in a variety of forms, depending on the capacity they can filter – ranging from under-sink filtration systems to water pitchers. It will entirely depend on the amounts of purified water you use every day, so make sure to select one that fulfills all your needs.

The levels of contamination

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The main reason you want to install the filtration system of the water is to remove contaminants, so the removal is important to consider in your choice. Any water that comes into your home likely has some contaminants that can pose a serious danger to your health if you ingest them.

These impurities include cysts, bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms. In addition, also keep in mind that the water also contains various chemicals that have strong links to conditions such as high cholesterol and hormone suppression, and so on, including heavy metals like lead and arsenic.

To make sure you are selecting the right filter, first, get testing of your water in a certified lab. This will help you select the right one according to the contaminants that are present. Most filters that you will get in the market eliminate about 40 contaminants, although some of them can filter out about 60 contaminants and others even fewer than 30. The number of contaminants in the water you use will determine the best filter you can use.

Another thing to consider is the composition of the filter itself and the unique aspects that help it remove these contaminants. If it has activated carbon, it can remove organic compounds, micro-organisms, and THMs. If the water contains heavy metals like sulfates, nitrates, and arsenic, however, you require a UV filter or reverse osmosis system.

Filtration rates

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Maximum daily filtration rates might be the last thing on your mind when you are searching for a filter, but it is also very important to keep in mind.

This is basically the amounts of water that the filter can give you every day after filtering the water in question. Therefore, if the water consumption you have exceeds the maximum gallons that the filter can give you, then you need to go for something else.

Every filter you find in the market will have different rates of filtration, so you need to check them and get one that is equal to or surpasses your daily consumption (even if by a small margin). However, you should not get a filter that filters too much water than you consume, because water filters do not necessarily come cheap – especially the bigger ones.

What is the quality of the water it gives?

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The aim of installing the filter is removing contaminants. But, that does not mean that the quality of water should be low – it must also balance the pH, remove bad smells and foul taste, among other things – otherwise, you need to get yourself a replacement.

For the ultimate quest in getting the best quality water, a filter that uses reverse osmosis is the best choice – but sometimes it fails to help effectively. It does remove the impurities and unwanted aspects, but it also eliminates good minerals that make the water great.

These minerals include iron, sodium, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, and so on. When you are deficient in these minerals, you are likely to experience problems with the gastrointestinal system, as well as joint and bone density problems, and illnesses of the cardiovascular system. When water lacks minerals, it also increases its acidity and its tastelessness.

If you are using a reverse osmosis system, then get one that has re-mineralization elements that will re-introduce the minerals to the water after filtration. If your water does not have numerous issues w2ith contaminants, then it is best to go for an active carbon filter that will help to reserve the minerals while removing the contaminants.

The operating and installation costs

Depending on your budget, you will have to narrow down your filtration system options or expand them. The total cost always factors in numerous factors, such as:

  • Storage capacity
  • The steps it takes to filter the water – including if it has a cartridge for re-mineralization
  • Maximum filtration rates
  • Installation costs

Aside from the cost, you settle upfront, you also need to consider some added costs like changing the cartridges and their cost. If it is using electricity, you will also need to factor that – but also remember t4hat even the most expensive-looking filters might prove cheaper in the long term.

Ease in maintaining the system

You will not use the cartridge indefinitely, and it will need a replacement at some point. The best way to know the frequency of replacements is by checking the guide to the water filter and making sure that you are always replacing them immediately. Therefore, it is better to stay away from filters that will need you to change their cartridges very often.

Various filters will also need various requirements regarding their maintenance, although a more complex system will need extra care.

Final thoughts

It is important to get the best water filtration system you can afford at the end of the day because your health depends so much on it. Therefore, before you purchase one, you must research as much as you can and keep many factors in mind.


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