Tips For Keeping Children Entertained During School Break

Tips For Keeping Children Entertained During School Break

Anyone who has children knows that for all the joy they bring, they can certainly take a lot of your energy, and especially when they’re bored, this seems to be something that will happen a lot. Of course, this is because children are growing, they’re curious, and they’re full of energy that they have to let out.

However, the problem is, that many parents struggle to find creative ways to keep children entertained – especially because, for the most part, what they’re interested in one minute seems to be completely different the next.

So, to give you some ideas for keeping them busy and entertained, here are some tips that can potentially work for most age groups, most interest levels, a range of budgets, and also covers a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Arts & Crafts

Most children love the chance to get their hands dirty with things like finger paints, glitter, and glue. Even if you don’t have that stuff at home, you could consider stocking up and then creating an area of the house where they can do crafts. Depending on the ages, you can either do it with them or leave them to it for a while. (

The great thing about crafts is it will keep them occupied for some time, and they can make things like scrapbooks, journals, photo frames, or simply just draw or paint. Crafts are a great activity to do on a rainy day at home but can be also be done outside, for example in the garden, and you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on the supplies, so it’s budget-friendly, too.


If your children enjoy staying active, then getting them into some kind of sports club during the school break is probably a good idea. Not only is it good for them in terms of staying active and building their skills and confidence further, but it’s also great for you since it will give you a break. When they come back they’ll have used up some good amount of energy, so you’ll be able to spend quality time with them in a more relaxed environment.


Not all children will enjoy sports, and that’s perfectly fine, but maybe they enjoy other hobbies such as martial arts, dance, or even something like horseriding, but they could benefit from some lessons in this area from a professional.

You can check out listings online in your local area for things like riding lessons, for example, and they can attend once or twice a week to build up their knowledge and skills. If you want to further support their hobby aside from the practical lessons, then you could help them with reading online resources about horse training tips.

Movie Days

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to play along, and if you find yourself stuck inside, then a good family day will always be a good idea. You can make it extra fun by getting things like their favorite snacks, closing the drapes, and even putting blankets and pillows on the floor.


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