How You Can Make the Best Use of Canopy for Your Tradeshow Booth

How You Can Take the Best Use of Canopy for Your Tradeshow Booth

You keep planning and investing plenty of money in your trade show booth, from collecting the marketing stuff to designing your table and banners. And, this is not the end; you also plan the strategies of the show, stuff loading and load-out help, staff coordination, and more. After putting a lot of efforts, you must be expecting to get the maximum traffic of visitors.

Considering all the strategies, have you thought of getting an eye-catching canopy for your trade show booth to increase the potential traffic?

Here are some interesting ideas that will make you rethink to customize your canopy if you haven’t done already.

Pick a Unique Canopy Style

Apart from your trade show material, a canopy is the first thing that attracts the visitors. But, it does not mean that you go overboard or flashy as it can intimidate people to go to some other booth instead of yours. Check out some fantastic ideas that you must consider while choosing a canopy for your trade show event:

  • Instead of going for too many colors and miscellaneous patterns, you can simply invest in high-quality canopy tent embedded with your logo and brand with good-quality fabrics and printing ink.
  • You can take one step ahead of your competitors in your tradeshow booth by opting custom canopies instead of limited color patterns offered by pre-created variants.
  • You can incorporate cool designs, bright colors, and other attracting touch into your graphics.
  • Transform your trade show booth by selecting bright colors like yellow rather than standard colors like black, white, and blue. Select a design that is different throughout the competition such as cantina, lounge, or castle out of your pop up tent.

Whatever idea you decide to put, make sure it showcases your brand in a unique way that should also make it apparent of your goals and who you are!

This way, you will find easy while creating your own custom canopy tent.

Offer give-away and engage visitors in extra fun games

Give visitors a strong reason to visit your booth by offering them giveaways and some fun activities. When you provide exciting products or services as the prize, you can gain more traffic and generate a lifelong list of customers for your company.

Now, there are so many forms of fun activities that you should consider, such as treasure hunts or spin the wheel game; it will really help you to attract the attention of your customers. There is no limit to your creative thoughts that you can incorporate into your marketing campaign. However, you have to ensure that you are attentive enough to involve the visitors when they visit your trade booth getting thorough information about your products.

Have Some Sitting Arrangements

Usually, at trade events, attendees supposed to stand up on their feet throughout the day.

So, why not create your booth with a relaxing element by arranging some chairs?

This will offer them to sit, take rest, and relax for a while with getting to know about your business as well. This can be another significant step to increase the attendee’s traffic. Moreover, the visitors will appreciate how concerned you are and more likely to understand you better.


Trade shows allow you to build an excellent connection with your potential customers and clients face to face. So, invest the money that you receive from the trade show by purchasing custom tents, creating engagement, and taking help of social networking sites for a wider reach. (Genuineleatherjackets)


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