7 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy

7 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Your horse is your companion, your friend and your responsibility. Owning a horse is not just about rides and having fun. With a horse comes the responsibility to take care of it, to keep it healthy and to ensure that it leads to a happy and good life. Only when your horse is fit both mentally and physically, you can enjoy the good things you dream of when you get yourself a horse.

A horse’s health is not just about feeding it properly. Very much like humans, even a horse needs to be fit both physically as well as mentally in order to ensure its well-being. There are high chances of horses getting highly affected by mental problems like stress, depression, aggression, etc.

Along with being mentally fit and happy, a horse needs to be treated well and kept well. This includes proper exercise, hygiene, human interaction, and many other factors.

Below given are 7 tips that will help you in keeping your horse healthy:

1) Suitable Environment:

A suitable environment is not just the one where your horse feels safe; it is also about comfort and proper space along with the other necessary aspects like hygiene, friendly surroundings, suitable weather, and atmosphere, etc.

The space in which your horse lives should not be crowded and uncomfortable. You should provide them proper american barns with all the basic facilities that will keep them fit and healthy.

Every horse should have its individual space where it can easily stand and move. Other important aspects that need to be taken into consideration are flooring, grass, mats, fans, and ventilation.

2) Regular Check-Up:

In order to keep your horse fit and fine, it is very important to get it checked by a vet regularly. Routine vet visits keep you informed about the health of your horse and it makes sure that any kind of infection, issue or potential problem is identified and cured at its earliest stage.

7 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy checkup No matter how well you know your horse; there are a lot of chances of not being able to identify serious issues that might be possibly affecting your horse. And this is where vet check-ups on a regular basis help.

3) Routine Exercise:

Every horse requires proper exercise and body movements to stay fit. Regular exercise not only keeps away diseases and illnesses, but it also helps them stay in shape and maintain a fit body.

Exercise also is a great stress buster that can boost your horse’s mental health along with physical fitness. Regularly and properly exercising a horse makes them more energetic, active and healthy.

4) Human Interaction:

Like humans, even horses are social beings who can majorly be affected by the way they are treated. A horse needs a lot of affection and attention. Healthy interactions with your horse will keep them mentally fit and avoid problems like stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

That are very common issues faced by most of the horses. Your regular interactions make them more patient and help them understand humans better. They get familiar with a human touch and feel less scared when they are around humans.

5) Appropriate Diet:

The right kind of food given in the right amount/quantity is very important to make sure your horse is physically fit and healthy. What you feed your horse is what is going to keep them going.

The quality of the food matters a lot. You should provide them highly nutritious food that can give them energy, nutrition, and taste. Their digestive systems can take in large quantities of fibrous food and thus, providing them the right amount of food is important.

6) Parasite Check:

Keeping parasites under control is yet another important aspect that needs to be brought into attention. The health of your horse is not always dependent on food and the environment; it is also about their body and how well it is kept. Deworming is an important thing to do to ensure that parasites are kept away from your long-haired pets.

Parasites can highly trouble your horses, some of which include weight loss, illness, and diseases, poor hair, etc. Vet check-ups and easily available deworming products available in the market can help in keeping parasites away from your horses.

7) Vaccination:

7 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Horse Healthy vaccination

Vaccinations, when properly given at the right time, can effectively work in keeping your horse healthy. Timely vaccinations ensure that your horses stay away from major diseases and also give them the energy and immunity to being able to cure the illnesses.

While vet visits help in identifying any kind of disease, timely vaccination will help in curing the same at the earliest stage and avoid your horse from getting majorly affected by the disease.

In all, it can be said that there are numerous factors that one needs to take care of when they have a horse. Keeping your horse fit and healthy is a task within itself that requires great care, responsibility, and action.

Being the owner of a horse, one can feel really grateful and overwhelming when their fellow mate is doing well, both physically and mentally. Horses bring immense joy and are one of the best companions best an individual can have.

Author Bio:

Emily Davis works at Cheval Liberte as a community manager. Cheval Liberté has been designing, developing and producing stalls, internal stables, horse trailer and stable equipment since 1995, Driven by their passion for horses, Cheval Liberté was founded by both riders and breeders and since 2005 this passion has been implemented in the UK, with our North Wales company being the sole importer of Cheval Liberté products for distribution and erection throughout the UK & Ireland.


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