How A Bad Mattress Affects Your Health?

How A Bad Mattress Affects Your Health?

Are you facing a tough time while sleeping? Is your mattress in good condition? We rarely think about it, till the time it provides you comfort. Do you know mattress comes with a specific life, and need to be changed once it is near its age? But, most people commit a mistake by thinking here, that they are made to run forever. This results in a tough sleep that ultimately affects your health.

Do you know good sleep is vital for well being? But, we compromise with it, the most. Let’s learn here the adverse health effects of sleeping on an unhealthy mattress.


With time, the mattress starts wearing out. You should visit mattress stores to get it replaced at this time. But, instead of sleeping on a comfortable bed, if you continue to sleep on the worn out mattress, will you get a sound sleep? No!

Lying on the bed with a curved mattress in the middle is sure to give you chronic back pain. You will keep turning all the time when you are in bed to find a comfortable position to sleep. With time the pain will start giving you sleepless nights that might end with sleep problems.

When mattress starts straining your muscles, with continuous body aches, it’s high time that you should consider replacing it.

Allergies from Dust Mites

Do you know while you are sleeping on the bed, numerous dust mites are also sharing your bed? Yes, you heard it right. These are the microscopic creatures that are not visible to our naked eyes. They feed on your dead skin. You will feel their presence only when you start experiencing some allergies like skin tightening, itchy eyes, persistent cough, sneezing, nasal congestion, etc.

Dust mites develop in humid and warm temperature like your mattresses and bedding. Do you think vacuum cleaners help you get rid of them? It can’t! You can only get rid of them with clean bedding that is washed regularly or get an allergy-free mattress for yourself.


People who experience disturbed sleep because of lack of adequate sound sleeping hours are at a higher risk of becoming obese. Wondering how? Lack of sleep causes you drowsiness; you will feel lethargic due to the shortage of energy. All these are side-effects of sleep deprivation and make you overeat, and the result is obesity.

Do you often feel hungrier than usual without undergoing any extra activity? Your unhealthy mattress could be the reason behind it. If you are unable to fall asleep within 30 minutes after lying on your bed, you should consider getting it replaced to get a sound sleep.

Weak Immune System

Are you becoming sick more often these days? Have you noticed, it happens more often when you don’t get sound sleep? A good, night sleep is necessary to strengthen your immune system. Night outs for an extended period or a poor quality of sleep because of the troubled mattress can lead to the weakening of the immune system.

With a weak immune system, your body will frequently suffer from cold, fever, and other respiratory problems. It’s advised to have firm bedding that enables you to have proper rest with a good quality sleep. Only then your immune system is capable of fighting with diseases.

Your bad mattress can even let your body welcome stroke, hypertension, and also the throat and lung infection. The reason being is the lack of sleep because of uncomfortable bedding or mattress.

By now, you must have understood the health implications that can be caused only because of a worn out or wrong selection of mattress. Be wise while selecting it and also it is recommended to get them replaced after their average life expectancy.


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