10 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Traditional Cigarette To Vape

10 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Traditional Cigarette To Vape

You have probably seen those massive clouds people release when vaping; pretty neat right? Its growing popularity isn’t only attached to its purified results. Vaping heats the tobacco compounds into steam rather than burn them like in smoking, which explains the cleaner fumes. But why are more people switching from traditional cigarette use to vape? Let’s find out.

Vaping is less hazardous

Both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes utilize nicotine from tobacco in this comparison. However, their methodologies of extracting the compounds differ. E-cigarettes heat the nicotine and other flavors in the preferred product to create vapor that the user will inhale. Standard tobacco is believed to host over 7,000 chemicals, some of which are highly toxic and could lead to respiratory infections and chronic diseases such as lung cancer. While research hasn’t entirely identified these highly toxic chemicals, experts believe that vaping filters a significant percent of the toxins compared to smoking tobacco.

Vaping offers a better experience

Smoking tobacco often leaves behind a distasteful taste and burnt odor from burning the dried plant material. Vaping provides a variety of flavors in the e-liquids that significantly cut out the raw and bitter taste of tobacco. With vaping, your experience with nicotine is likely to start off pleasantly.

Vaping allows controlled nicotine intake

Traditional cigarettes are hard to put off with just one puff. However, e-cigarettes use e-juices or e-liquids that come with different nicotine levels. Concentration levels range from 0% to 5% depending on clients’ taste and preference. Vaping nicotine gives you more control over the nicotine intake in just a single puff. Also, vaping doesn’t have to be continuous as the e-cigarette allows you to take a puff at a time without exhausting content, unlike a traditional cigarette.

Offers anonymity

As earlier mentioned, vaping is rather clean and leaves no odor behind. This means you can consume nicotine in silence and head back to the office without alerting the public. It also allows you to smoke anywhere. On the other hand, traditional cigarettes tend to leave a sharp smell on clothes and breath and only allowed in smoking zones.


The e-cigarettes are designed like pens and easily fit in pockets. You can carry them easily without causing burns or dragging an ashtray wherever you go. Smoking traditional cigarettes consume a lot of time while lighting a piece, waiting for it to burn, smoking, and sitting out to let the odor tone down.

Vaping doesn’t trigger halitosis

Halitosis is a condition that describes bad breath. Smoking nicotine is one of the leading causes of nicotine, often creating discomfort to the affected and those around the individual. Vaping eradicates this common problem that affects smokers. It is undetectable and highly preferred when one is conscious about oral hygiene and breath.

Vaping is healthier for people around you

Passive smokers are prone to suffer from first-hand adverse effects from directly inhaling the nicotine while around active smokers. It can be unhealthy and unfair for your kids, family and other members of the society. Adverse effects of passive smoking include the development of respiratory diseases on a higher scale since they inhale unfiltered smoke. Vaping eliminates these risks for the bystanders which makes it a better option if you care for the environment and the people in it.

E-cigarettes are safer

The traditional cigarette involves lighting a fire to smoke it up. You are constantly worried about getting those cigarette burns on your car seats, couch, kitchen counter, and what’s worse, someone may end up burning down the house. In cases where someone slept off with a cigarette in their hands or used the cooker to light up their roll and left it leaking, starting house fires cannot be ruled out. Vapes are likewise better since they don’t leave behind cigarette butts and go off immediately after puffing. While older versions of the e-cigarettes were reported to have been linked to exploding, new versions are designed to be safer to the user.

Relatively inexpensive

In an effort to battle irresponsible smoking, most governments today are gradually applying more tax costs of traditional cigarettes. This tax burden gets transferred to the final consumer, which increases its buying cost. Smoking cigarettes often results in wastage of about 30% of its total content that either burns up during idle time or when an individual fails to consume the entire roll. In the long-run traditional cigarettes are expensive. What about e-cigarettes? E-cigarettes may have a higher initial purchase cost. However, the e-juices are relatively inexpensive and are utilized entirely without wasting a single puff into the air. Therefore, in the long-run operating on an e-cigarette is much more economical compared to traditional cigarettes.

Vaping doesn’t stain teeth

Staining teeth and smoking are connected. Nicotine stains teeth and deters with the general look of an individual. If you are about the looks, smoking cigarettes aren’t the best source of energy for you. However, thanks to the technology in vaping, it filters the staining compounds and gives you clean vapor. You no longer have to worry about staining your teeth while vaping.

This piece provides all the reasons why anyone should switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping nicotine. While both involve consuming nicotine, vaping is significantly safer with better results compared to smoking. Research on the best e-cigarettes and e-juices the local vape store has to offer, to increase your chances of having a good vaping experience.


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