10 surprising luxury designs at home that worth to spend money

10 surprising luxury design at home that worth to spend money

In terms of additions to your home, it is often difficult to gauge the worth of any type of upgrade you are considering. For instance, eventually, most people sell their homes, so additions always are undertaken with at least some consideration for resale value. Also, in terms of return on investment (ROI), many additions, such as sunrooms, do not typically perform well. Sunrooms are relaxing and add to any home, but they often are not the selling factor for a home, and most buyers often ignore them in the decision-making process.

If standard additions do not offer an acceptable return on investment, luxury additions can be even more precarious. For instance, heated, air-conditioned, four-season sunroom might be elegant and the pinnacle of relaxing in luxury. However, when it comes to selling the home, most buyers will be more interested in a new dishwasher.

That said, there are a variety of luxury additions that are worth the money. Of course, adding a luxury kitchen is an obvious choice, so it will not be on this list. If you want to add a luxury kitchen, you will get your money back–guaranteed. Instead, this list will cover a variety of unusual luxury items. Surprisingly enough, the much maligned sunroom is included–given certain requirements.

  1. Privacy fence–with landscaping

Any fence can create a sense of intimacy, but a true privacy fence complete with landscaping will create the sense of sanctuary. People look for sanctuary throughout the home, especially in the master bedroom and kitchen. If you are able to capitalize on this need for tranquility by transforming the backyard, you can create a powerful sales piece that will provide a hefty ROI. Of course, until you sell your home, it will provide you your own private retreat.

The fence should entail a dark shade that matches the environment. For functionality, it should also entail wind zones, so the wind does not stress the posts and railings. In terms of landscaping, you will do well with white or black gravel around flower beds and tree trunks. A paver-stone path will offer you a quaint, manicured walkway, and a hefty mix of lush turf can serve as a relaxation zone. Making a shade tree the centerpiece of the yard will also serve you well, but you can also plant a fast-growing shade three, which will reach functional height within two seasons.

In fact, this type of transformation is so powerful, it has persuaded sellers looking for greener pastures to take their home off the market and enjoy their own self-designed heaven on earth.

  1. Island

Although a custom kitchen is a common upgrade, what is not so commonly known is that a simple island in the kitchen is an affordable upgrade that creates an elegant, luxurious feel–even in smaller homes. Smaller islands will offer inexpensive counter space. They might also even have casters, so you can place the island where it best fits. Larger ones will have built-in stoves and ranges. In either case, it is a specific upgrade with proven ROI.

  1. Sun deck with solar panels

Some unprofitable or low-profit additions can be made desirable with solar panels. Sun rooms, for instance, are notoriously specific additions that do not spark the interest of most potential buyers. Especially when a couple is purchasing a house, additions must target both people equally or one person immensely such that protests from the disinterested party are no longer relevant. Solar panels have that ability.

First they are high-tech, which will catch the attention of any tekkie, male or female. Second, they are economic. Third, they represent a certain amount of autonomy as they are off the grid, as it were. Because sunrooms are more emotionally calming additions that might not interest some people, the solar panels provide a level of economic value that will catch the attention of most buyers.

  1. Outdoor waterfall

Outdoor water fountains are fairly common, but a mounted, outdoor, wall fountain installed along your deck will create a relaxing environment capable of mimicking creeks and jungle rain. This type of ambiance literally helps create a sense of sanctuary capable of soothing and relieving stress.

  1. Deck

Done right, a deck can provide up to an 85-percent ROI. It should be expansive enough without feeling vast, and it should include built-in privacy. Whether that privacy comes from a simple umbrella or a screened gazebo, people should feel as if they are not on display.

Additionally, it should either be made of composite material that requires no upkeep, or you should ensure to clean and paint it every two years. Finally, when you are building it, do not use nails. Nails will pull away over time. Bolts with washers offer better protection against rot.

  1. Smart security

Any home can benefit from smart appliances. However, smart security can offer you peace of mind while you stay in the house, and it will create a sense of security for potential buyers. Additionally, a smart security system will help reduce insurance costs.

Smart security will involve custom locks with biometric features along with remote surveillance capabilities. Hidden cameras with central recording along with third-party monitoring are premium features that speak well to security-minded buyers. Finally, room-and-window monitoring along with personalized panic buttons can help ensure the elderly always have access to responsive assistance.

  1. Bathroom

A luxury bathroom need not be expensive. In fact, a quiet, low-flow commode and a larger vanity and sink are easy ways to create a sense of luxury. Additionally, a healed tile floor along with a custom, walk-in shower will make everyone feel as if they are being pampered. Finally, row lighting above the vanity and a single back-light will help create a bright room without increasing the heat flow or electric bill.

  1. Hardwood front door

A hardwood front door is a sign of elegance. In terms of curb appeal, it is the home’s centerpiece, and an upgrade to a hardwood front door creates a classic, warm look that sets the tone for everything within. Although few buyers report having purchased or rejected buying a home because of the front door, a new hardwood door primes the sale.

For instance, the warmth it creates endears people to the home, and the cost is usually only a few hundred dollars. In fact, few upgrades create a better sense of elegance for a home, can be installed by anyone, and have as powerful an impact on buyers as a hardwood front door.

  1. Triple-pane windows

For the cost-conscious home buyer, triple-pane windows are the proverbial icing on the cake. If you have taken care of your home, staged it, and are ready to sell, triple-pane windows are the type of upgrade that will help convince buyers their money is being well spent. Additionally, during the time you stay in the house, your heating and cooling costs will remain lower. Finally, triple-pane windows provide a slightly different, more natural light, helping to brighten your home in a way other windows cannot.

  1. Finished basement with walk-in shower

Perhaps the best upgrade you can do is to finish your basement. This type of project might require professionals, but once contractors, such as Brisbane Builders, are finished, you will realize just how much value you have added to your home.

In terms of luxury, a basement with a large bathroom will be an important selling point. More specifically, if you add a tiled, walk-in shower, custom made to at least 48 inches wide on all sides by at least 74 inches tall, you will have a luxurious shower for yourself and a wow-factor selling point that is not common in many real-estate markets.


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