How to Celebrate a Sporting Event

How to Celebrate a Sporting Event

The Cubs celebrate winning the 2016 World Series

 Photo by Arturo Pardavila III / CC-BY-2.0

Few moments are more exciting than your much-loved team reaching the finals of a championship or league game. Rather than allowing the moment to pass you by, you must find ways to celebrate your team’s accomplishments throughout the season. Check out these top tips on how to celebrate a sporting event.

Secure Tickets to the Big Game

Every sports fan will want to be standing in a stadium when their team secures the winning goal and lifts a sought-after trophy. If you want to feel the buzz and excitement for yourself and to become a part of sporting history, you should aim to secure tickets to a big game. It is one experience you are unlikely to ever forget.

However, you will need to be quick to avoid disappointment, as many sports fans will likely be vying for tickets to a major sporting final, such as the Super Bowl, NBA Final, Champions League, or Stanley Cup.

Embrace the Moment at a Local Sports Bar

If you’re not lucky enough to secure tickets to the final game of the season, enjoy the next best thing by taking yourself along to a local sports bar to mix with like-minded fans. There is bound to be much tension and adrenaline in the air as everyone watches the big game on the screen. Plus, few moments can compare to hugging a stranger as your team score a goal, or cheering at the top of your voice as your team finally lift a trophy.

Decorate Your Home

If you are a proud supporter of a soccer, hockey, football or basketball team, showcase your passion to the world by decorating your home and vehicle in a team’s colors. For example, many Liverpudlians are so proud of Liverpool FC for reaching the Champions League finals that they have proudly added LFC flags onto their cars, which will blow in the wind and highlight their support and pride for the club as they drive from A to B. You could also hang a flag from your window and decorate your interior and exterior with bunting.

Host an Event Party for Your Loved Ones

There is no better way to celebrate reaching the finals than hosting an event party for your nearest and dearest. For example, if you are a Blues or a Bruins fan, you can don your home in your team’s colors, stock up on snacks and gather your loved ones together to watch the Stanley Cup. You can also guarantee there will be plenty of debate about who will win, so make an informed decision by reviewing the odds at Oddschecker regarding the final.

How to Celebrate a Sporting Event
Manchester City Stadium Tour

 Photo by Jonathan Palombo / CC-BY-2.0

Take a Stadium Tour

It is likely you will be bursting with pride when your team makes it to the finals. To embrace this historic moment, you should consider booking a stadium tour, if possible. Many sports teams regularly allow the public to take a tour of the stadium grounds and even go behind-the-scenes in the team’s dressing room. It is a superb way to build anticipation and excitement ahead of the biggest game of the season.

Treat Yourself to a New Sports Jersey

As many sports teams offer different jerseys, t-shirts, and other apparel, there might be no better time to treat yourself to your club’s clothing, which you can proudly wear when the players take to the pitch, field or rink. It will also serve as a reminder of the big game each time you wear it.

Unless you are a fan of the New England Patriots, it is unlikely you will be able to predict when your team will next reach the finals of a championship or league game. For this reason, you must aim to celebrate in style, to share in your favorite team’s achievements and remember where you were when they finally lifted a trophy. So, host an event party, don your team’s jersey, decorate your home in their colors, or, if you’re lucky, secure tickets to the final.


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