3 Key Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Winnipeg Home This Summer

3 Key Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Your Winnipeg Home This Summer

As a homeowner in Winnipeg Manitoba, you know that the average low temperature during January ranges between minus 20 and minus 22 degrees Celsius, with record lows more than 20 degrees lower than that! Much of the world wonders how residents of what is considered the third coldest city in the world bear such frigid temperatures, but you know you are not alone. With about 750,000 other residents in Winnipeg, you have learned to brave the cold. However, your home may not be as fortunate. Do you know what that cold weather does to the exterior paint on your home and how to remedy the situation? Here are some key tips to be aware of from Winnipeg house painting experts.

1. Wet, Arctic Temperatures Chip Paint

According to house painting professionals, the exterior ice and interior condensation are the major factors leading to chipped and cracked paint? While the rest of Winnipeg is typically blanketed in snow during those cold winter months, it is next to impossible to do a routine visual inspection of your home. Use the warmer summer days to inspect your home when there is no snow on the ground so that you can see exactly what painting damage your house has sustained in preceding winters.

2. Most Paint Is Not Rated for Cold Temperatures

Most Winnipeg homeowners also don’t know that the minimum temperature best suited for painting is 10 degrees Celsius. That means that you should schedule Winnipeg house painters for warmer summer months. While June and July are typically the wettest months of a Winnipeg summer, May, August, and September see a lesser amount of precipitation on average. Those would be good months to schedule having your home painted. Just be aware of the fact that there may be “rain days” where painters can’t work but they will resume once conditions are favourable again for the painting expertise that is required.

3. Getting Those Gutters Cleaned of Debris

One of the most typical accompanying services you can schedule when having your home painted is to get those gutters cleaned. Did you know that gutters are an integral part of your roofing system and if they are bogged down by fallen leaves and branches, they can cause a tear big enough to allow moisture to seep into the foundation of your Winnipeg home? Not only will all that debris hinder a proper paint job, but it can lead to costly damage which may or may not be rectifiable!

No one needs to tell you just how cold it gets in Winnipeg because you live it year after year. While you may have thoughts of leaving from time to time, this is home and as the geographical centre of Canada, you are proud of the many resources this area boasts. Don’t let your Winnipeg home lose value due to painting damage caused by frigid winters, cracked paint, and damaged gutters. Keep the exterior of your home in good repair so that it will last many decades in hostile weather. Once your home, along with the soffits and fascias are freshly painting touch-ups, you will be protecting your home for many years to come. That’s the most important reason of all.


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