What Every Patient Should Know About Cancer

What Every Patient Should Know About Cancer

There are few things in life as frightening as being diagnosed with cancer. You may have always wondered what you would do if you were given that diagnosis and now that the time to look for treatment is here, you are simply beside yourself with fear, but mostly fear of the unknown that is cancer. You have heard everything from horror stories to modern miracles and everything in between when it comes to cancer treatments and you are now wondering where you fit on the spectrum. Before imagining the worst, take a deep breath and understand that all cancers are different and that you do have options in cancer treatments. In fact, that’s the bottom line. The treatment choices you make now can have a huge impact on outcomes. That’s the first thing you should know, but there is so much more.

Don’t Imagine the Worst

Keeping a positive mindset is of vital importance. Books have been written on the subject of cancer treatment, but the key point is that you can actually talk yourself into feeling worse than you are! The mind is a funny thing but cancer is certainly not a laughing matter. Actually, perhaps, the most needed form of treatment for you is a good, healthy dose of laughter! American novelist and liberal political activist, Norman Mailer, lived decades after being diagnosed with a terminal illness and instead of sitting in the hospital waiting for death, Mr. Mailer signed himself out, stopped all other forms of treatment and rented a hotel room where he sat viewing hour after hour of comedies. He was monitored by doctors who later proclaimed that he literally laughed himself to health. That was his alternative medicine and for him, it worked!

A Wide Range of Alternatives

The point is, you hold all the cards. No doctor can tell you what you must do as far as treatment goes. They can give you their best guess based on years of cancer study and experience, but it is your life we are talking about, so the ball falls in your court. Even aggressive Stage 4 cancers have been successfully arrested by nonconventional treatment methods. This is not to say that alternative medicine or complementary medicine treatment is always the best choice, but the choice is there. You should always seek the advice of more than one oncologist and leave room for something other than chemotherapy and/or radiation for your cancer treatment. While you may choose to go that route, there are other holistic treatments, which can be used in conjunction with either or both of those approaches.

The Bottom Line – You Are Not Alone

Most people will turn to family members or friends after having been diagnosed with cancer and that is something which can give you the strength and courage to face the various treatments ahead. However, if there is no one in your life you can turn to for support or guidance, you should also know there are cancer support groups you can join so that you aren’t facing a frightening future alone. Many alternative cancer treatment centers offer this kind of support. It is always better to get it out because all that fear and raw emotion can work against even the best of cancer treatments. Remember, you are not alone.


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