Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cayman Islands

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cayman Islands

If you have the opportunity to move to the Cayman Islands, it goes without saying that it makes a compelling case for somewhere to live. Being able to spend your days on a gorgeous island with open real estate, pristine beaches, perfect weather, great people, and countless activities to enjoy in your downtime is something many people can only dream of.

That said, you’re still moving overseas, which means there are many considerations to make. If you see yourself living and working in the Cayman Islands, it’s important to do your real estate research and ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into. To help you make an informed decision, here’s what you need to know before moving to the Cayman Islands.

Essential Documents

There are a number of important real estate documents that you should compile before moving to the Cayman Islands to ensure a smooth process. This includes photocopies, bank references, and records that you have with credit companies so that you can open a bank account upon arrival. If you want to buy insurance, be sure to bring a letter from your car insurance carrier along.

For work purposes, it’s important to take any professional memberships, university or college degree documents, immigration documents and copies of your employment contract. Other essentials to remember are your birth certificate, driver’s license, and identification documents. All these are important when looking at real estate in the Cayman Islands. 

Buying Real Estate

In order to purchase real estate in the Cayman Islands, you’ll need to provide the local bank with tax returns, banking references, a property appraisal, and professional references. Generally, the bank will point out any other real estate information that you’ll need.

Real estate is a great investment in the Cayman Islands as the economy is highly lucrative and the available real estate locations are well worth their price tags. For more information on what buying a property on Cayman entails, check out this website about Cayman Island real estate.


If you’re moving to the Cayman Islands with your children, you can enroll them in pre-school as early as age two. The government mandates that they should reach 12th grade. Professionals working in the private Cayman Island sector may want to enroll their children in private school, depending on their income.

If there is still space, expats working in the public sector can enroll their kids in a public school. There are also a number of international schools that may be better suited for your children. Some local Cayman Island schools are also great, with many being around since 1941.

Setting up Phone and Internet

These days, getting connected as soon as possible, real estate wise is important! Especially for working professionals. Fortunately, there are a number of telecommunications companies in the Cayman Islands that can help you quickly get connected and avoid expensive roaming charges. Mobile plans and routers are widely available so you won’t have to worry about this.


While it will take some time for you to be fully prepared, moving to the Cayman Islands is a smooth and simple process if you have your real estate ducks in order from a true Cayman Islands Real Estate website. Even if there are a few hiccups on the way, finally arriving and settling in will be well worth the cost, as you’ll be living the island lifestyle that we all dream of. 


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