Five Health Conditions That Can Benefit from Physiotherapy

Five Health Conditions That Can Benefit from Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can help with a range of problems and can be beneficial for many. Physiotherapists are trained specialists who can work in a range of different healthcare settings, using both exercises on land and in water to help bring people back to full health or improve their range of mobility. Physiotherapy mainly focuses on the rehabilitation and restoration of the musculoskeletal system alongside the circulatory system, but there is also a range of other health conditions it can help with.


Arthritis is a big problem for many, especially those of the older generation. As we are living to be older, arthritis is becoming a bigger issue that we must address. Physiotherapists can provide those with arthritis with certain exercises to help keep the movement within the joints and improve the muscle. This can help to reduce the pain associated with arthritis when done daily.

Physiotherapy for Respiratory Problems

There are many respiratory health conditions that can be treated with the help of physiotherapy. For those with cystic fibrosis especially, physiotherapists play a big part in their treatment plan. The exercises provided to those with cystic fibrosis helps to clear their lungs to improve breathing. Other respiratory health conditions that physiotherapists can help include asthma pneumonia and lung cancer. Our posture can determine how well we breathe so maintaining a good posture at all times can help with respiratory problems.

Muscular Aches

There is a range of reasons for muscular aches and the most common form of this is back pain. Especially in the jobs we now have, including office work, our backs are taking much more strain than before, and many do not sit as they are supposed to at a desk chair. Physiotherapists can determine where this pain is coming from and what exercises you can do to prevent aches and pains. They also provide massage therapy to many with this issue, as this can prevent and reduce any tension around the muscles.

Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries are another common problem for physiotherapists. Physiotherapy can help with the flexibility of the joint after the injury and proper exercises can reduce any pain. Most sporting players want to get back to full health and back in the game as soon as possible, so if you have suffered from a sporting injury, visit Winnipeg physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation After Serious Injury or Medical Issue

Those who have suffered a serious injury often require help from physiotherapists to build back their strength, and sometimes learn to walk again. Some medical issues can lead to the patient needing intensive physiotherapy and this is used alongside medications and other forms of treatments to reduce pain and help with the healing process. 

Physiotherapists play an important role within the hospital and other healthcare settings to ensure that health conditions which reduce movement and cause you pain can be treated or managed. How often you see a physiotherapist would depend on the type of treatment you are having, but in order for physiotherapy to work, you must do the exercises at home. 


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