11 Weeks Pregnant and What to Expect

11 Weeks Pregnant and What to Expect

A pregnancy that seems to be going well is something to take pride in. At 11 weeks, you definitely are making impressive progress to the delivery day when you have the baby in your arms for the very first time. It is a week that just like many others come with lots of developments for the baby and thus the fetus is slowly turning into a beautiful baby.

At 11 weeks, you should expect to go through further changes and they include a growing belly. During this week, your uterus continues to stretch and grow to accommodate the growing baby now at 2 inches long. This means that there definitely will be a push and your belly is beginning to show for pregnancy. You are already feeling pregnant more than you are showing but those around you will start noticing the difference and will be aware that you are pregnant.

Weight gain is another thing that is to expect at 11 weeks pregnant. This is not only a result of the growing fetus but also the fact that you could be eating more than you normally do. This is a week that you could be experiencing food cravings and it is highly likely that you will end up succumbing to the cravings thus ending up eating all kinds of foods in all kinds of amounts. Even though the cravings can be a great way of eliminating any deficiencies there could be, it is important that you do not overindulge since gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not very healthy.

Constipation and bloating are other common issues experienced during this week and this is as a result of slowed metabolic rates and of course the hormonal changes that have had to take place to support the pregnancy and also nurture it to full term. There are however simple ways of dealing with the issues and they include eating a balanced diet and ensuring that you take enough water or fluids throughout the pregnancy to promote proper bowel movements.

It is also expected that your hair and nails will be growing much faster during this week and this can be something that brings joy for many especially as far as the hair is concerned. You will, however, have to put up with the regular cutting of the nails. The growth is promoted by the increased levels of hormones which are expected during pregnancy. There are a bunch of other symptoms which could be present during this week and you can find out how to relieve those which tend to be too much from your doctor.

Since the belly is starting to show, you can expect those knowing glances at 11 weeks pregnant from people you meet and even though it might seem or feel awkward, it is the high time that you get used since they will only become more intense as the belly grows more and has different shapes every day depending on the position of the baby.

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