Face cleansing at the beautician’s: is it effective?

Face cleansing at the beautician’s: is it effective?

It is most often persons who have oily and acne face skin that undergoes face cleansing treatment at the beauticians. This kind of face requires special care – traditional methods prove to be ineffective in this case.

Beauty parlors provide a series of cleansing treatments: for oily or acne and dry face. Some parlors provide service to those who have overactive couperose skin. Why should you use the beautician’s service? Which treatments are the most effective? Can you enjoy long-lasting results? Read below to find answers to the above-stated questions.

Manual face cleansing

This treatment is concerned with the manual removal of blackheads. At first, a beautician removes a make-up thoroughly and makes a peeling to remove the layer of calloused cuticle. Next, she applies a softening preparation on the skin. Thanks to the stream of steam directed at the face (coming from a special tool), the preparation opens the skin pores. Thanks to this, the filling of pores may come out under the pressure of fingers (this procedure is certainly performed with disposable gloves). After all, blackheads have been eliminated, a cream or mask is applied on the face in order to relieve irritation and prevent inflammation. The manual face cleansing treatment is intended for everyone, regardless of the kind of face skin (except for couperose skin).


Hydrabrasion is a treatment adopting water. At first, a beautician removes sebum and blackheads which reside in pores with the use of a sucking device. Next, she exfoliates the cuticle with the use of various-thickness abrasive heads (each set of heads is intended for a specific kind of face skin). When performing the treatment, water cools down and moisturizes the skin as well as reduces discomfort accompanying cuticle exfoliation. This treatment is not intended for persons who have couperose and oversensitive face skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

This treatment is intended for persons having a regular face skin. It is concerned with grating the cuticle gently with the use of diamond heads. The cuticle is grated gradually to reach the desired degree – it is one of the most effective methods of eliminating blackheads and dead cells.

IPL laser therapy

IPL laser eliminates acne effectively. It is used after microdermabrasion treatment: it destroys bacteria and prevents the emergence of inflammations. If the skin is properly cleansed, a content of a special ampoule is rubbed in it – under the influence of the laser radiation, this content penetrates the skin deeply.

Face cleansing at the beauty parlor is an investment in beautiful and healthy skin. The aforesaid treatments guarantee long-lasting and noticeable results, are rather painless (although some of them may cause a subtle discomfort) and let you eliminate imperfections. If you are interested in the cosmetic treatments, please visit https://www.product-port.com/ – here you can also find tips on daily skin care.


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