Push Up Jeans

Push Up Jeans

In the past we used to talk about diet, today we are talking about a thousand and one ways to seem, to appear, to be thinner. Follow a good diet, a diet tailored to each of us is the basis for having a lean body, in shape and healthy physical activity will help to sculpt it. But will only these two things suffice?

Is cheating a little considered a bad thing?

Time is running out and often laziness kicks in. Comfort eating seems to be the solution, but it is wrong, and you know it! Anyways you shouldn’t deprive yourself of that little chocolate or that much appreciated mini delight (and be careful that I wrote “mini”), sometimes it is necessary. But what if you have to attend a particular occasion, why shouldn’t you “cheat” a little? What do I mean? Well, it’s simple. Nowadays small solutions that together can apparently shape our body and make it look more toned are being offered to us. But it’s not a novelty, you can think about it already, the ladies of the ’60s wore a body belt to have a flat stomach. If you think about it already, the ladies of the ’60s (or even before) wore a belly button to have a flat stomach. Then it was the turn of the tights containing, push up bras, shaping underwear … really, the choice is extremely wide.

For every woman, jeans have always been a favorite and hated item of clothing.  Loved because it is comfortable, suitable for all situations, funny; hated because… it highlights the B-side

Freddy push up jeans

But in this age of easy solutions, Freddy comes to us, putting at our disposal the push up jeans that we need.

Push up jeans are made in jersey and coated in denim, to exactly look like our beloved/hated jeans: they are cut and sewn in such a way as to support and raise the bottom so that we can look great when we wear them. It’s a bit like the concept of bras: if you push from below, it will come out from above.

And don’t think that these solutions are dedicated only to the youngest, they are aimed at all women, whether they are girls or girls. ladies, tall or low, thin or otherwise thin: we all wear jeans and we all love that our shapes are presented at their best in the most famous trousers in the world. There are several models the moment, so let’s take advantage of it to show off our jeans with their heads up (and sit high!)

The Wr.Up®  Technology

This is because the results are obtained thanks to the compression and toning action exerted by the fabric and combined with the push-up effect on the buttocks.

This does not mean that it is not a valid product, but that to have a slim silhouette in a definitive way you have to work on the lifestyle and lose weight and maybe deprive yourself of comfort eating (sometimes).

These special push up jeans by Freddy that was made in Italy after months of research, with special fabrics. The aim of these garments is to make the body appear more toned and to make it look better overall.

With its patented Wr.Up®  technology, Freddy combines a shaping, slimming and lifting effect achieved thanks to the high quality of the materials and the stitching on the back.

Another positive feature of these push-up pants is that they contain a silicone band around the belt that keeps the pants in place and adheres perfectly to the figure.


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